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Doug Dye
Doug Dye
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Jan. 7, 2014
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April 30
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Bridge Player
about me

Retired attorney with (happily) more time for my two passions:  bridge and horse racing

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
There have been many. Most recent: a Section top in the Mixed Pairs in Dallas with one of the great ladies of Philly bridge - Gail Bell!
Bridge Accomplishments
GNT Flight A Championship (New Orleans, 2010); 9th, NABC Fast Pairs, Philadelphia, Spring 2018
Regular Bridge Partners
Dale Dye
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Unit 141: Yorktown & North Penn
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ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
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Soumya Das's bidding problem: K432 Q932 QJ32 J
Good hand to compete and double keeps all strains open. Little risk of partner converting for penalty at IMPs.
Missed Slam #1
Agreed. But how to get to hearts? Not sure I like the negative double with no tolerance for spades. I might pass, planning to bid game in hearts if partner has the values and shape to reopen. That sequence would best describe this hand and discourage slam exploration in an ...
The Maze of Fisher/Schwartz
Kudos Alan,I too led the diamond 3. Worse, I found the high club on Board 12 and the diamond 6 on Board 11. Isn't a male witch a warlock?
The Right Suit
Agreed. Further we bid 6-4-6 rather than 6-6-4 with extras. This hand is an Ace better than our initial response promised. Why not 2H then 3S over partner's 2NT?
Board 24 from the 02/02/2015 Common Game
With one entry to dummy, what is best play in the heart suit?
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: AKJ876 4 AK5 Q98
Michael: But your first comment was that 5NT is dangerous and I agree. We could have 9 spades yet land in a 7 or 8 card club slam. Does a 5 call, which invites slam and emphasizes spades preclude 6 clubs when it's right? I don't think ...
Are you a sell out?
Steve has it right: partner knows her own hand. She could have doubled two clubs or suggested competitive values with 2 or 2.
Are you a sell out?
3. Probably with first call.
Are you a sell out?
My partners don't need any more practice playing 3-3 fits. A second double guarantees 4 hearts IMHO.
What is this Forcing Pass you speak of?
What level is this game? At the club, East will most often have something in reserve when s/he bids 5; usually would rather bid than defend (much scarier). I often double these bids on Josh's theory and end up quietly scoring -550. Conversely, in a regional or ...
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