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Ed Judy
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Aug. 21, 2011
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about me

Favorite Bridge Winners profile:

"Love wife, bridge, sports, a great food and a good wine, not specifically in that order."

(Paul Weinstock)


Favorite Bridge Winners article:

"Real Rewards" (Peg Kaplan)


Favorite self-quote: "My knowledge of the game exceeds my ability to perform at the table."


Favorite accomplishment: An open regional Win with a "B" partner


Goals:(1) A Mini-Spingold Final (2) A regional top-bracket KO Win

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Sapphire Life Master
Ed Judy and Gary Donner
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LC Standard
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Copy of Ed Judy and Bob Simkins
[b]2/1 game forcing[/b]
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RHO open 1NT, you have 2524 and 15 points
If you google multi-landy convention you will find several references on the use of the idea. Many variations and additions have evolved from Alvin's original idea many years ago. Whatever, if playing, you need to pin down exactly what you want to specify in second seat or balancing seat ...
RHO open 1NT, you have 2524 and 15 points
Patrick'S comment raises an interesting question as to terminology, which can affect what we're talking about. The Landy convention came about some 70 years ago (showing both majors). Somewhere along the line, astute Landy players added multi-Landy (perhaps Granovetter if I have it right) as adding an advancer ...
RHO open 1NT, you have 2524 and 15 points
Playing M-L/Woolsey, Pass. Hand not good enough to double and bid 2NT after advancer's probable bid of 2C or 2S. (Advancer may be able to balance with a shapely hand.)
ACBL BOD Minutes, Phila 2018...
Thanks, Steve!
What Would You Do - What SHOULD You Do?
It seems to me that you are still a kibitzer even though you have been engaged as a surrogate dummy. If that is true, not one word. I don't think, per others, that the laws allow otherwise. Could this situation possibly occur at the closing stages of a national ...
Gatlinburg 2018
And be sure your Executor (or Executrix?) knows your membership number so he can get a rebate on your pre-paid dues.
A Deal of Interest
Donald and Richard above: for possible clarification, an immediate 3C bid (even though alert required as weak on acbl CC) would be taken as weak in my area; regret any confusion.
A Deal of Interest
Perhaps so and the auction would probably begin 1C-1S-3C. Michal commented above -- "How useful to have 3♣ signoff available on this bidding!" Indeed. My "tip of the hat" notion alludes to the point that perhaps North should be credited with a fine "tactical" bid, in that clubs (partner's initial ...
Official Version of New Convention Charts
I'm bewitched, bothered and bewildered in a number of respects. For me, best to put all on hold until details/clarifications begin with the July issue of Bulletin. I sense frustration levels and conversations will equal that of the recent series of trying to find a Bridge Winners Standard ...
A Deal of Interest
Thoughtful, as always. So, in an expert game (after 1C-3C) is the final contract 3NT or 4C?

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