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Ed Reppert
Ed Reppert
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July 17, 2011
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Retired US Navy Officer. Know a little something about computers (was my secondary job in the Navy). ACBL Club director. Player. Systems: Mostly I play 2/1 these days, but I like Romex and Precision as well. Play mostly in clubs and local tournaments.

United States of America

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Boston Jacoby.
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UI: What does it suggest? (Part 1)
If I remember correctly "could have been suggested" was in the previous version of the laws.
It was inevitable.
For some it would be king asking. For some it would not. We don't know into which category this pair falls.
What to do
So, at least another couple of weeks then. :-)
What to do
Reminds me of a story about Eddie Kantar's nine year old nephew. He was playing with his uncle, and after one hand, someone asked him why he didn't bid something or other. He said "I knew it, but I didn't know if Uncle Eddie knew I knew ...
Can a declarer ask what the contract is?
"Hey, look at that!" :-)
What to do
It's beginning to look more and more like the purpose of the system card is evolving away from disclosing your agreements to your opponents and towards providing evidence that you hope will keep you out of jail. :-(
What to do
Perhaps an agreement as to the minimum number of keycards in asker's hand is needed.
What to do
Of course. I would recommend to anyone who plays any form of Roman responses to ace asking to explicitly establish that agreement, and put it on the card.
What to do
It looks to me like responder forgot to think before he bid 4NT. If he had, he could have bid 5 in tempo over 5. I agree with Greg on that. OTOH, you have 3 keys. If you have the agreement that with 3 keys you bid on ...
What to do
Whose hand is that, Michal, responder's?

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