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Eric Kehr
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Sept. 15, 2015
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Club player in the UK. My good results at the local clubs say a lot more about the standards locally than they do about my own modest skills.

United Kingdom

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What is the right thing to do?
Brad, when I am a playing director I feel *more* inclined to enforce the rules at my table as otherwise it might be viewed that I was playing favourites in some way.
negative X
They’re all takeout, but the higher the level, the more flexible the doubler has to be with regard to shape, and the more likely opener is to just leave it in based on the uncertainty of finding a fit if they bid. You can’t make It easy for ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
The question under discussion, though, is not "what do you bid?" but "do you bid?" If they bid a 4 card suit when partner has support but don't when they don't, then something fishy is going on.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
What makes things difficult is that the bridge community exists within a larger legal framework, which has rules about discrimination and so on, and so is not necessarily free to police itself however it wants.
The History of History (Part 1)
Sorry. I meant to say why would Schapiro bid 1H with a singleton, if he knew Reese had genuine support? If Reese had 2, for example, then a psyche seems more sensible.
The History of History (Part 1)
What system were R/S playing? Couldn’t Reese have systemically opened 1? I don’t think he played 5 card majors. Based on his writing, Reese, wasn’t that bothered about 44 fits if the hands look NTish, so 1C followed by 2NT is definitely his style catering ...
Any Way To Tell?
South should have bid differently, but north should definitely be making a try on this hand. The point is that if South has the right cards for slam, he will realise it (a player making a try with weak trumps must have great controls); but if South doesn’t have ...
Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
If you collected together all the 10% slams a pair bids you would expect them to make about 10% of them (assuming they play enough bridge to make this a decent sample size). But the corollary of this is that the more bad, making, contracts you show, the more bad ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
There are thousands playing right now on BBO. Is it not fun? Is there no social interaction? No laughter? It seems just the same game to me.
Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
It's rather strange no matter what. If you get to a load of apparently hopeless slams which you make because you spot an obscure 5% chance, then just by the law of averages, you ought to be going down in 19 such slams for each one you make. How ...
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