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Floyd McWilliams
Floyd McWilliams
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Jan. 5, 2012
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I named a cat after Namyats, but it's not actually my favorite convention.
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Ruby Life Master
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Alan Frank's bidding problem: 98642 2 84 AQT83
I assume you mean
Alan Frank's bidding problem: 98642 2 84 AQT83
You mean what happens on the next board? :)
Michael Seamon Junior USBC Begins Today
Thanks Debbie. There was a 14-imp gain on board 27, did Xiao's N/S go down in 6? (I watched Sarah and Cornelius defend the doomed 7N as E/W.) Also I fixed the typo.
Michael Seamon Junior USBC Begins Today
According to the daily bulletin ( and the score listing (, Xiao hung on to beat Stephani in the U21 semis by 5 imps, losing the final set 35-14. But according to both BBO and the USBF scorecard (, the final ...
The power of AQ542
It seems wrong for West to give up his only high card entry. On this hand it doesn't matter, but West can't be sure of the shapes so early in the play.
The power of AQ542
Yes, good point. I spent two hours writing this article but none of it on the bridge play, it was endless iterations of proofreading the result of "d=n&v=n&w=sq843hkjt983dk2cj&s=sj9652h76dt7654c5&a=1hxppp&p=cac5cjc2dqd4d2dAc6c7h6h8hkhac3h7d3d9dtdkhjhqc4d5c8cts2s8cqs5s4c9" :(
Partner passes out of turn
Is there a path to 6!C?
Also if the opps really did pass throughout holding 10 diamonds, hearts are probably more likely than 68% to break 3-2.
Is there a path to 6!C?
____P 1 - 1 2 - 4 4 - 4 Maybe west will take the plunge.
Is there a path to 6!C?
Who is the dealer? (I guess East since you mentioned Drury but it would have been helpful to say so explicitly.)

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