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Floyd McWilliams
Floyd McWilliams
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Jan. 5, 2012
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I named a cat after Namyats, but it's not actually my favorite convention.
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Ruby Life Master
Floyd and Adam
Strong Notrump 2/1
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ATB - lousy slam
Where is the option for "equal blame"?
ATB - Goulash hand went wrong
This auction would be bad in standard and is terrible for ghoulash. Don't make random doubles/cue bids. Bid your suits! You'll get another chance! The worst call has to be North's second double which is just incomprehensible.
Mike Gill's bidding problem: xx AKQxxxxx x xx
Floyd McWilliams's bidding problem: 6532 KT2 J863 Q8
(Will update this in another day)
Gerry Gassman's bidding problem: AK 532 AJT98 A76
Hi Gerry, In vanilla 2/1, a 2/1 in competition (such as the auction 1 - 1 - 2) is no longer game forcing, but it still shows values (say 10+) and is forcing. Some people play 2 in such an auction as non-forcing. This is called ...
Gerry Gassman's bidding problem: AK 532 AJT98 A76
I very much doubt that BW 2/1 plays Negative Free Bids. Are you confusing this auction with "after a takeout double"?
Floyd McWilliams's bidding problem: 6532 KT2 J863 Q8
Congrats Ian, you won 7 imps (assuming your partner alerted 3 as preemptive).
Tommy Cho's lead problem: T842 Q87532 84 Q
Maybe this is the West hand and the poll is whether it's right to lead out of turn.
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: ATx ATxx --- JT76xx
And they make me wait 2 hours between posts ...
Namyats In Duplicate
Hand 1 is supposed to be 1=8=2=2, thanks for pointing that out. Fixed.

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