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Why Bots Score Well at Clubs (still indefinite answer)
55% reward is probably strongest/hardest robot game on BBO. As for bots score well at clubs, I'm not surprised at all.
Wrong view on multi 2d by ACBL
I agree with everything you said but you can't change ACBL. This is like playing in a chess event where everyone must play e4 or d4 on the first move.
What is the best contract on these cards?
Yes I guess I'll defend pass double.
What is the best contract on these cards?
The best contract is to double opponents in any part score.
How weak is an opener in Standard 2/1
@Steven......He's not serious, just making fun of me :).
How weak is an opener in Standard 2/1
Why? I'm using rule of 43, which says with a 12HCP 4-3-3-3 hand all cards that have 0HCP must add up to 43 or higher for the hand to qualify for a 2/1 opening bid. This is a rule backed up by artificial intelligence assisted simulation and should ...
How weak is an opener in Standard 2/1
Imo the hand is strong enough to open if ? is a 7 and just a little bit too weak if ? is a 6.
Can an invitational-classed club game restrict entry in this manner?
Legal or not, it's both sad and funny.
Kibitzer draws attention to a false concession
The director is always right until higher authority says otherwise.
What Went Wrong Here for North-South
Nah I'd just say no to cheat.
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