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Gary Donner
Gary Donner
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July 22, 2012
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34 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Schedule permits me to travel to multiple tournaments a year

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Regular Bridge Partners
Deborah Murphy, Howard Sloan
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ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Copy of Yoko and Gary 12/23/19
Precision with transfers and cross transfers. Detailed notes available
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BBO scalability suggestion
Barry, I hope nothing in here is construed as criticism of BBO. As I have said elsewhere, I think BBO has done an amazing job. I was merely offering a suggestion.
BBO scalability suggestion
If they are PCI compliant, yes
BBO scalability suggestion
I doubt that they would want or need my help. I am not technical, it would be a gross violation of security (they do store credit card numbers) and they appear to be quite competent. Where do you see a demand?
BBO scalability suggestion
Why can’t joy be restricted in that you can only buy BBO2 bucks on BBO2? I would assume you have multiple instances already. A production environment, numerous test environments, numerous development environments, etc. You probably clone instances all the time.
BBO scalability suggestion
As someone said to me once when talking about playing transfers after 1 D (2C), don’t delay doing the good for the perfect. Why not just let people have BBO1 dollars and BBO2 dollars? Then one can rent robots on both and it would be easy.
BBO scalability suggestion
BBO distancing. I like it
ACBL Treating players as "owned" by a specific club
Bad analogy. First of all, one always has an option of installing their own tank. I have in fact always done this but it is an option. Secondly when you rent the tank there is a rental agreement or contract and this is a term of that agreement. So the ...
The Conduct of BBO
I do have a question since this is a discussion on concerning how critical it is for BBO to price things so that clubs can run club games and generate funds to get them through the pandemic. Have clubs applied for and either received or expect to receive forgivable loans ...
The Conduct of BBO
Chris, I know you are a good businessman and maybe you are privy to things that are not generally known. But before I concluded that the crises was a boon to BBO’s bottom line I would want to understand their business model much more. Does their revenue really get ...
Book recommendation please (or other material)
Thank you for all the input. I did tell one little untruth. I said my wife never played. Well she did--once. Many years ago I bought her a program, I think it was GIB but am not really sure. Well she played one board and had a lot of clubs ...

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