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Gary Donner
Gary Donner
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July 22, 2012
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Schedule permits me to travel to multiple tournaments a year

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Deborah Murphy, Howard Sloan
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Gold Life Master
Copy of Yoko and Gary 8/25/19
Precision with transfers and cross transfers. Detailed notes available
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Congratulations to Adam and Zach!
They are excellent bridge players but their barbu seemed a little week
Happy was not the right word. Obviously we would have preferred to win against Andrew's team and would then have been happy. I am trying to say that Andrew's team still deserves to represent the US and I see no justification for thinking otherwise.
Yes. Andrew will find good replacements and we were defeated fairly.
Outraged by the USBF
I couldn’t agree more except for the fact that Jan was too modest to include her own efforts which also deserve accolades.
Another Un Understandable Appeal at the USBC USA2 Final?
Right, 6. Plus 300 and plus 600 vs plus 300 and minus 50
Another Un Understandable Appeal at the USBC USA2 Final?
I don’t know what AC means: What actually happened: 1-I said I lose to the AS and my spades are good and I can cross ruff the rest 2-RHO (who surely would have immediately called the director if the spades were not good) said what exactly are you doing ...
Outraged by the USBF
Since I was sponsor of the Donner team, I want to give my perspective on the “question” of having lost to a team that may end up different (theoretically worse) than the team we lost to. Bill Russell once said the best team always wins, that’s why they keep ...
Another Un Understandable Appeal at the USBC USA2 Final?
At that point we were down between 20 and 30 if my memory serves me right. It would only have been the difference between plus 300 and plus 800 vs. plus 300 and minus 50 so 8 imps if I did that correctly (14 vs. 6). Actually, I went back ...
Another Un Understandable Appeal at the USBC USA2 Final?
As I said at the appeal I did not remember saying that but maybe i could have and we would need the audio which did not work. But everything I said was honest and I would have taken the unsure play. Also, as I said, my first statement was my ...
Another Un Understandable Appeal at the USBC USA2 Final?
I will say what I said to the committee even though it makes me look like an idiot. It has the advantage of being the truth. I was sure the HK was outstanding. I don't think anyone would disagree with that. I was not sure about the spades. I ...

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