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The CAS Judgment re FN: What’s Next?
Ed, of course the ACBL has to worry about complying with US, Canadian and Mexican laws. However, the US and Canadian legal systems are very similar (I presume). The Mexican legal system is probably different (I assume it is based on the Spanish system), but I'm not sure if ...
The CAS Judgment re FN: What’s Next?
Marty, you may be right in stating that the CAS is ill-suited to deal with bridge cheating cases. However, it is not at all clear to me that withdrawing from the IOC would solve that problem because, as the cases of the German doctors and Turkish player demonstrate, the disciplinary ...
The CAS Judgment re FN: What’s Next?
Nick, I think we may be trying to reach the same conclusion, but coming to it from different directions. My point is that the right of a defendant to have the facts of a case be reviewed on appeal (not only in civil but also in criminal cases, BTW) is ...
The CAS Judgment re FN: What’s Next?
Once again I feel the need to point out that the blanket statement that a "normal" appellate court does not do a "de novo" review of the facts of a case is factually erroneous. As I pointed out in a previous thread (, it is ...
CAS Ruling on Fantunes
Nick, FWIW, "de novo" review of the facts of a case at the appellate level is standard in Italy, both in civil and in criminal cases, and, I believe, in many other European countries.
Showing the Joker
Dave, thank you again for your contributions to this discussion, and especially for the Polish sites, which I was not aware of (although unfortunately I don't speak Polish :-( ).Your summary of Mr. Patino's version of the Burgay affair confirm that some of Mr. Patino's statements are in ...
Showing the Joker
Bill, that wouldn't surprise me at all: when authors update their books, some parts change, others stay the same.
Showing the Joker
Dave, thanks for your input. I posted those questions because there seem to be glaring inconsistencies between some of Mr. Patino's statements and those made by other sources that, to put it bluntly, make me question the veracity of some of Mr. Patino's assertions and, by extension, the ...
Showing the Joker
I have a copy of "Il Nuovissimo Fiori Romano" ("The Brand New Roman Club") by Belladonna and Garozzo (1976). It has a section devoted specifically to defenses against 3-level opening preempts by the opponents. It reads in part: [begin quote] Double: Optional, that is, generally for take out, but with ...
Showing the Joker
I don't have much time to devote to this discussion right now, but I'd like to bring up a point that I think is important, because it appears to contradict directly some of the claims made in this article regarding the Burgay affair. Avon states the following (p ...
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