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Dec. 3, 2016
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After 1m-1H with a balanced minimum hand?
FWIW I posted a poll back in April about this very question:
Lawrence's article on jump raises in competition
I'm curious: If one uses 2NT as a limit/GF raise, how does responder show a natural 2NT hand (invitational values, < 3 cards in opener's major, stopper in opponents' suit)?
Walsh-style rebids after 1!C/!D - 1!H
But it is possible to embed links in the text of an article: see Perhaps David can explain how he did it (maybe by using standard HTML syntax?).
Vanderbilt Unpopularity?
Out of curiosity, do NABC table counts such as those reported above include regional-rated and other games that run concurrently with the national events, or do they include only NABC/NABC+ events?
Do you pass
@John: I used this hand to illustrate the point that I made in my first comment, that is, in my opinion to overcall with a very weak hand is to take a wild gamble, especially against a strong NT. In this case it is clear that N should have passed ...
Do you pass
Mike, I agree that in principle one should do a probabilistic analysis and try to maximize the expected value of one's own score. In practice, such analysis is almost always impossible; however, I will point out that a small probability of a large loss can easily outweigh the larger ...
Do you pass
Randy, that's right, I did include the complete auction in the hand diagram I tried to post. For the record, the auction was (E deals): 1NT-(X)-2C-(X)-2S-(P)-4S-(5C)-X-AP.
Do you pass
Actually a very similar hand came up in a club game I played in on Saturday (board 6 in {handviewer n=h368d26kc3489kqt&e=s67akh7td47aqc26a&s=s4589jh2459qd3c5j&w=s23qthakjd589jtc7&b=6&d=e&v=e&a=1nx2cx2sp4s5cxppp} South's double was explained ...
EBL will disallow Fantoni and Nunes
I have a question: ACBL CDR 3.19, under "Grounds for Discipline," reads: "Partnering or playing on a team with a person who is presently serving a Suspension from the ACBL or who is presently expelled from the ACBL." My question is, would this provision apply to an ACBL member ...
Public statement from and myself
According to Mr. Trape's statement on Facebook (quoted in Jonathan Steinberg's post above): [quote] (T)he ACB ... is not an NBO assigned to the EBL and that does have that quality since this quality is held by the AEB. (...) The Spanish Bridge Association, Sport Promotion Entity is linked ...
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