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Gonzalo Goded
Gonzalo Goded
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Feb. 15, 2013
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about me

I am a bridge pro living in Madrid (Spain), I have recently been married, got a daughter and started my own webpage


Complaints about my website's name to be delivered to Richard Pavlicek, who was the first to suggest that nickname here:


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Reaching the final in NEC Cup 2008
Bridge Accomplishments
9th in 2005 Transnational, Won many spannish championships. Got a WBF's World Master Title
Regular Bridge Partners
Federico Goded and Jordi Sabate
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
A timing problem on bridgegod this week
You are right, ducking the clubs ends up with the communication jam plan. The squeeze ending would still work, but that was not what I was aiming at.
What is the right thing to do?
I am not fully sure, but I believe after the late alert West is allowed to change his last pass and double instead. Then East can make things funny penalizing me for not playing the game to win :)
Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: x AQ97xxx AKx Ax
You don't get rich by doubling and then not bidding your suit.
Han Peters's bidding problem: 742 K652 AQ AQJ5
Slam seems to be on a finesse (or queen drop), so there is no big gain or loss by bidding it. There is a big gain in passing if there is a chance that we had some kind of missunderstanding with all those spade bids.
Yet another "Is pass forcing"?
West passed 1, so doens't have a great hand, East bid 1NT instead of double, so he doens't have a great hand either. This falls into the forcing pass category of 2 opponents with weak hands at a high level.
You be the judge!
I am sure there are other constructs that lack AK with upgrades from 6 suit
You be the judge!
Just because you would bid 4 only if you lack AK doesn't mean the current pair can only bid 4 for that reason. Director should ask more questions.
Stuff about appeals that some people may find boring
You don't even know the bidding for what its worth, a double of 2 was not alerted, but it doesn't appear in the diagram.
The most popular card game in Italy
We got Brisca in Spain, which I bet used to be the same game, also the threes are ranked between Ace and King. However I never heard of signals here, mostly because the game is usually played individually. We have a betting game called Mus, that has more similarities to ...
Redoubling Isn't Rude
Ok Craig, maybe this is better: "Since you were brave enough to double me, I assumed others would be doubling lesser declarers"

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