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Greg Humphreys
Greg Humphreys
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Basic Information

Member Since
July 4, 2010
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18 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

I'm a former professor of computer science; now I work at Twitch trying to pretend video games are a job.   Or something like that.

Sometimes I build websites. I built the one you're looking at now.  If you find any bugs, I'm pretty sure they're Steve's fault.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
2dXX+1, +760. Lose 8 imps to Billy Miller.
Bridge Accomplishments
Mixed Pairs: 3rd, 4th, 1st. Mixed BAM: 3rd. Fast Pairs: 6th. 2 Day Swiss: 10th. Otherwise I pretty much just suck, all the time.
Regular Bridge Partners
Max Aeschbacher, Adam Parrish, Ida Grönkvist, and OKAY FINE, Jenni Carmichael.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Jefferson Bridge Association
Favorite Tournaments
Hawaii, Bermuda, Hunt Valley, Santa Clara, Charleston
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Gavin Wolpert / Greg Humphreys
[big]2/1 GF, 3/1 natural invitational (except 1M-3!d), 1M-2x-2N=waiting[/big]
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2/1 GF, 3/1 natural invitational (except 1M-3!d), 1M-2x-2N=waiting
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Adam Kaplan
2/1 GF, 3/1 nat. inv., 1M-2x-2M shows 5, 1M-2x-2N 6+, xfers over 1!c
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Max Aeschbacher / Greg Humphreys
Two over one (HML), 3/1 nat. inv except 3!d, 1M-2x-2M waiting
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Ankur and Greg
2 over 1
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Greg Humphreys's bidding problem: AQT Qxx AQTx Kxx
A fair question; we hadn't specifically discussed level, and "responsive" was simply checked on the card with no further discussion. In general our approach is "double means whatever it needs to mean, which is usually 'I have enough values to want to participate in this auction but no clear ...
Greg Humphreys's bidding problem: AQT Qxx AQTx Kxx
If you choose to double, partner will bid 5
Greg Humphreys's bidding problem: AJx AK98x 6 K8xx
Must be a language barrier here; I didn't say anything that suggested I was 100% sure I knew the right answer. Also since neither I nor my partner held these cards, I truly have no idea what you're talking about.
Convention Chart Revisions
awesome work.
Meal Times at Bridge Tournaments
I reject the premise of the question since I would not be playing at such a tournament. If forced to, I would probably bring meals to the 10:30 event and eat lunch at lunchtime, regardless of what else is going on.
USA2 Wins Bermuda Bowl
Joe I'm available for the next few cycles just sayin
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
I think Scott Stearns being the voice of reason is probably one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. [i]This comment is my personal opinion and is not official in any way and does not reflect the collective feelings of bridge winners or kentucky fried chicken or anything like ...
Grue-Moss Slam Bidding
"I suspect that the deal generation algorithms have been tinkered with, with regards to upping the normal level of available total tricks, more on certain boards. This leads to more interesting, highly competitive and imp heavy deals" [img][/img]
Is there a Director in this room?
or a button on the scoring device :)
Bermuda Bowl Q&A
I'm a senior engineer at Twitch - let me know if you need help beyond what Peter is willing / able to provide.

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