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Gregory Nowak
Gregory Nowak
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May 13, 2014
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about me

Beyond over the hill but not hope.

Cherish BW discussions.

I like thoughtful comments and apolitical analysis.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Walking into the local club at the tender age of 31 (1980) armed with 16-18 and Blackwood that I had gotten out of a book. In a few months I got to play with a decent standby and we won. The next week we won again. And then ..."What is this club bid you call Stayman and I'm worried about my clubs?". And we didn't win.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning 2 events at an old sectional when they only had 4. I had 200 masterpoints. My team won the thu bam and my partner and I won the sat open paris. There were no strats or flights.
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
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Tom Allan's bidding problem: A954 J5 AKQT85 7
After looking at the hand, I see 3 can win the battle. If it's played well. The opps can start the tap with club-club. Run you out of trump, but can't get to a 2nd club trick before you get to a 2nd spade trick. Due to ...
Matthew Brown's bidding problem: J8643 --- A873 KT42
This might not be the best hand to classify anybody as either one.
Jon Gassaway's bidding problem: KQ QJ986 AKT 732
So much of the value of my hand is towards playing in hearts, reducing the value of playing anywhere else, even NT.
Which diamond do you return?
All those tedious hands defending NT. At the club you might not have even paid attention to partner's diamond spot. Let alone do the rule of eleven. And 99%+ of the time it probably doesn't matter. Then this hand comes up. Partner has to be awake and you ...
Tom Allan's bidding problem: A954 J5 AKQT85 7
Why should partner have anything but some bad hearts that aren't going to help us, not much in spades, possibly his only values are in clubs. Lho's could be shortness in diamonds may increase rho's length. Could we even have 2 dia losers and the rest of ...
Stuff about appeals that some people may find boring
I think unfortunately the ruling has to stand. Not necessarily that it is right or I agree. Both sides could be guilty. South should not get away with not alerting 2. Even though at the scene, West may be guilty of irresponsible assumptions.
Thibault Wolf's bidding problem: J92 --- 974 JT87432
Double fit. Terrible urge to not pass both times. Don't see that bidding 3 would have resolved guesswork.
Nicholas France's bidding problem: QJ86 QJ86 63 763
Wishful thinking. I wish that I wasn't here. I think I am better placed somewhere else. I think I am already badly placed in 1. 2 is an improvement? I going to bid twice? Bobby Wollf gave lectures at the beginning of our club games for this ...
Robert Gellner's bidding problem: --- J984 8762 J8432
I hope we're on the same page. Partner's direct 2 didn't ask for my opinion or give us a chance at something other or lower. My pass doesn't mean I like 2. It's up to partner to now initiate giving me a chance ...
Michael Rosenberg's lead problem: 632 A953 QJ72 T9
OPENING LEADS BY MONTY HALL Door #1: A spade lead. Is there a chance we can stop declarer from getting 2 ruffs and 4 trump tricks? Door #2: A club lead. Not much chance of getting a club ruff, but we may have 2 club tricks. Door #3: A diamond ...
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