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Restricted Choice Implications
Assuming they always falsecard I think the question is which is more likely: 1/2(prob(JTX) + prob (JT)) vs prob (J). The 1/2 is for restricted choice. The answer is the left hand side is more likely so finessing is wrong.
Daniel Sonner's bidding problem: AT A9543 A98 AJ7
I hate to overcall 2 on such a bad suit, but my hand is strong enough that I don't think I'll get killed, we are NV, and I do not like my spade holding for NT. I do not want to double because hearts will often be ...
Expensive and random gold points
I think you are underestimating how much the ACBL stands to make. I think the maximum is 6600 tables, not entries. At 60 dollars a table, that comes out to just under 400K in revenue, if all the events fill up. If so, I imagine ACBL pockets at least 200K.
Brian Zhang's bidding problem: KJ3 QT6 J3 AKQJ9
That isn't in my notes, which I guess illustrates your point above...
Brian Zhang's bidding problem: KJ3 QT6 J3 AKQJ9
It seems to me they're more or less equivalent. Say you play the stopper showing method (which I do). You can always bid 3, and then partner will bid 3nt with a heart stiff and usually 4m with a spade stiff. If you want to stop in 3nt ...
New BBO "Support Your Club" Game
I think bbo said it will be 5 dollars for 18 boards
Let's Build Our Online NABC - Section 1, Live Pair Events
I really like this idea, but I think it's way too ambitious. Would prefer just 2 or 3 days of regionally rated online pair events during what would have been the middle of the NABC.
Columbus Hotel Cancellation and ACBL response
Will the ACBL have to pay the hotel a large fee if they do not meet their room commitment because of cancellations? If so, this policy makes sense to me.
Matchgame: 1!S-1N, 3!H-4!D?
Cyrus asked me to ask about this auction: 1H 1S 3D 3S, what is 4C? Is there a "standard" agreement any more than there is for the polled auction?
Defensive Problem
I remember the hand :) Great problem!

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