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Jeff Lehman
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Bridge musings:

  • An attribute I value (for bridge and otherwise) is recognizing what you do not know: ask more questions, state fewer conclusions.  Only sometimes do I act as I say one should act.
  • Wish that master points award system would motivate players to continue to challenge themselves to improve: need to better align awards with the achievements producing the awards.
  • Wish that club directors would (politely) instruct players about Unauthorized Information and Logical Alternatives; that is, Fair Play.  Not a crime (but then, not an accolade, either) to take too much or too little time to think about a call or play, but is unethical for partner to take winning inferences from the pace of the call or play.
  • Am deeply involved in developing and teaching after school bridge programs.  Teach play before bidding (mini-bridge), teach declarer play before defensive play, teach notrump play before suit play.  But, first, ensure kids are safe, have fun, allow other kids to learn, and respect each other, the teachers, and the school. See
  • Loved bridge from the moments I learned to play, but placed bridge behind other matters such as career and family.  Took a 15 year hiatus from significant play.
  • Still improving as a player.  Do not look forward to the time when my skills will plateau.
  • Best skill as a bridge player: envisaging during the auction how the play might proceed.  Poorest skill as a bridge player: perhaps too many to mention.

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Gold Life Master
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Providing Information When Not Asked
This strikes me as the best verbal answer. The best written answer is one that alerts the opponents to exceptions, such as circling more than one card on a lead line and then appending a note to "please ask".
Does anyone know what time it is?
People who don't live in big cities will have to wait longer, and probably drive longer, to play in regionals. So what? People who don't live in big cities will have to wait longer, and probably drive longer and stay in big city hotels, to see major league ...
Does anyone know what time it is?
Let's Make Regionals Great Again ... ... by making them less frequent (what would be the big deal, for example, about having the two Iowa regionals -- Sioux City and Coralville (Iowa City) -- be every other year, so that some would travel to each and some only to the one that is ...
Club Play...Results
I'm not a unit officer, Jeff B, but I think the potential for Best Practices of units goes far beyond how the unit relates to clubs (although we agree that Best Practices include always considering the interests of the clubs in any decision made by units): for example, (says ...
Club Play...Results
At another thread, there is discussion about Best Practices for teaching beginner bridge. Why aren't there other published Best Practices in bridge? After all, just as there is great commonality for teachers to teach beginners to play bridge, is there not also great commonality on the responsibilities and objectives ...
Best Practices Workshop
Is there an embedded suggestion in this thread that "one size fits all" as far as how to teach, but that "one size does not fit all" as far as what to teach? Why is that so? My guess is that "one size does not fit all" with respect to ...
But is bridge Fun?
What Ira and Art report about NABCs is true of regionals, too. Nearly every year I return to my old bridge stomping ground of MN for the Gopher Regional. When I first returned, I used to gather with a group of my old bridge friends and enjoy a nice meal ...
Financial fraudsters are targeting ACBL entities
Who knows the identity and emails of all unit/district treasurers? I sort of agree with the nature of your concern, but does ACBL even have data to be able to send a mass email to treasurers? Or, even, does ACBL have access to all unit/district presidents? Stated otherwise ...
But is bridge Fun?
Would substituting "enjoyable" for "fun" eliminate the need for the question? Why perform any discretionary activity unless it is enjoyable?
Club Play...Results
One player's opposing point of view: Would "too much ill will" be created if the director educationally and empathetically explains the reasons for Law 16? By my observation, directors, when called to the table, routinely say "call me back if there is damage" and then leave. No wonder that ...

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