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March 18, 2014
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Columbus Hotel Cancellation and ACBL response
It would seem very appropriate for ACBL members to cancel their travel plans to Columbus without penalty as the CDC has recommended that people avoid unnecessary travel and events with large crowds. This recommendation is in the interest of public health and should not be disputed. However given our experience ...
Move the Date of the Fall NABC!
Providence, RI was the site of a fall NABC in 2014.
Move the Date of the Fall NABC!
I did not compare attendance that far back only for same city tournaments over the past 15 years or so. BTW,LV was only down 18% compared to 2014 it was down 30% compared to the 2008 tournament. The sharpest drops in attendance from same city to same city have ...
Move the Date of the Fall NABC!
Apart from Las Vegas (down 30%) and Atlanta (down 16%) the drop in attendance for the spring and summer nationals is less than 10% by my figures. In comparison the drop off in attendance for both Hawaii and San Francisco were more significant although both of these venues are very ...
Move the Date of the Fall NABC!
I have been discussing this issue for several years with various ACBL Board Members and have the following comments: - Attendance is down by over 10% when comparing the same locations (e.g. Denver in 2005 and the one a few years ago) after the ACBL delayed the start of the ...
ACBL's Future 2020 & Beyond (San Francisco NABC Report)
I also noticed the marked decrease in attendance for Las Vegas and San Francisco. We attended the Las Vegas NABC but found it rather expensive compared to previous tournaments there. Las Vegas use to be cheap for hotels and food. Such is no longer the case. Anyway, money is not ...
Foreign Competitors in ACBL masterpoint limited events
As I understand it the WBF maintains a list of world life masters and world grand masters for both men and women. If we made anyone on either list ineligible for ACBL limited master point events it would be very easy to administer while still allowing foreign non-experts to participate.
Foreign Competitors in ACBL masterpoint limited events
We need some simple criteria to determine foreign player eligibility for master point limited events. Perhaps a simple criteria would be to make all foreign players with the rank os World Life Master or higher plus anyone who has represented their zone in WBF events not eligible foe ACBL limited ...
Foreign Competitors in ACBL masterpoint limited events
I do know many of the foreign players who competed in the LV 0-10,000 mixed team but at least two of them playing for the top two teams have the rank of World Grand Master within the WBF which is much more prestigious than ACBL Platinum Life Master. The ...
Childcare at Las Vegas
I was told by a member of the ACBL board of directors that the cost of childcare at a NABC is $3;000 and for that reason should be discontinued. This seems wrong as it would only require 5-6 extra parents to attend the tournament to recoup this amount considering ...
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