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John Aerni
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Sept. 1, 2015
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July 17
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about me

Passionate fan of bridge, now age 60, who plays in a private duplicate game in Brooklyn, NY, and enjoys watching the experts on BBO. Was ACBL member who played in club games and tournaments for a few years ('78 - '81) before family and career ended bridge playing for some 25 years. Excited to have bridge back in my life.

United States of America

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Fisher comments...
There was a control group: Fisher & Schwartz, when they declared. When they declared, they placed the board in the middle.
The Videos Shout: Balicki-Zmudzinski
John, It's speculation to say that "BZ were dropped because they were accused." The WBF did not say why it disinvited BZ. In fact, the WBF said it had discretion to disinvite BZ without giving a reason, and it exercised that discretion. Did the WBF disinvite them merely because ...
Fisher comments...
If Hanan is referring simply to the tone of the discussion, then he should refrain from using the phrase "lynch mob." That phrase -- like references to Hitler and Nazism -- are designed to inflame, be incendiary and manipulate unfairly. The phrase is best avoided if the speaker wants to change the ...
Fisher comments...
Hanan, Sorry, but Brian is right and you are wrong. A lynch mob exercises power by murdering its victim. The exercise of that power is unlawful. It is also conspiratorial. In the US, the murder is race-based. It is a form of terrorism. Here on BW, none of us have ...
Statement from Balicki on PBU site
Ron, A little perspective, please. Someone who cheats should be ashamed. Someone who chose the word "shout" for Kit's thread hardly needs to be ashamed, even though the word choice could have been better (I gather he or she didn't want to or could not use the word ...
Statement from Balicki on PBU site
Oleg, I don't think Kit could have been any clearer. He stated that he did not give the thread its title. He then specifically warned that no inferences should be drawn as to his conclusions from the thread's title. My initial post erred by inferring that he named ...
Statement from Balicki on PBU site
And I stand corrected as well.
Statement from Balicki on PBU site
Josef, I understand that both you and Michal Rosa translated Cezary's concluding section as criticizing Kit's "conclusions," but, as Kit pointed out, he drew no conclusions (unless one draws an inference from Kit's use of the word "shout" in the title of the thread that he has ...
Balicki/Zmudzinski Trigger/Response
Reese-Schapiro played in the days before screens and gave their finger signals during the bidding. IIRC, they did not play negative doubles and thus were most at risk for missing a heart fit when opponents interfered with their bidding.
The Videos Speak: Balicki - Zmudzinski
From what I've seen of the WBL, I wouldn't be surprised if that is its standard. I don't think that changes my point that it shouldn't be its standard. The WBF just borrowed it from criminal procedure, but why? It makes sense when imprisonment or the ...

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