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John Holmes
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Nov. 17, 2014
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about me

rubber bridge is my game

United Kingdom

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What is this double
I asked partner to bid with my initial double; I would expect him to bid 2 with a poor hand and 5+ clubs; I could not conceive of him holding 10HCP as he would surely double with 8+
Alerting a Stolen Bid
we used to alert doubles that were not for penalty; nowadays we do it the other way round (ish)
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: T75 AK8 A64 K763
2 is asking for a stopper and i haven't got one; I wish i'd opened 1NT
When NOT to explore a 4-4 fit?
It is safe to stayman with a flat hand IFF you play stayman in doubt SID; a 3 rebid showing a 4 card fit in the major with exactly 4333 shape
Spawned by a hand in the newspaper
stop bidding partner I have a rubbish hand
4-level Cue-bid of Opponent's Suit
I should think that 3 denied a diamond control
BW 2/1 System - Potential Reality or Wishful Thinking?
I'll play any system that does not have 2/1 as a GF
What is this Double?
shows 4 hearts and club tolerance
Alerting a Stolen Bid
now I cedar meaning
The cue bid as a limit raise
I think that you are confusing directional asking bids(asking for a stop when your side has opened) with unassuming cuebids( showing a good three card raise when your partner has overcalled the opening) here it is an obvious DAB and asks if you can help stop spades in a ...

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