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John Larkin
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Sept. 5, 2016
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GBC Glasgow, Scotland
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Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
AB: CM says more technically what I was about to write. Which is that your z-value of -2.09 (I got -2.03) does not mean you can dismiss the null hypothesis "with 98.17% confidence", but just says that a finding this far away from "normal" will only occur ...
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
OK. Will bite. When you look up where the same hands have been played by others, do those who do not take the finesse find it would have worked? Meanwhile....maybe it's just trying to be realistic...acting like a human...pausing to think... :)
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
Yep. There was a lot of necessary information omitted (though poster later related number of 8 card fits, unusual though they were!) Agree with stat concepts here. There really is not enough to say anything. certainly doing another random sampling that happens to be closer to "expected" seems entirely irrelevant ...
Bridge in the Time of Covid-19
Oddly enough, I wondered yesterday if "...Stirling, UK..." was precise enough.
Attitude signal vs 3NT
Try it from a non-expert (in fact, quite poor really) POV. Attitude before count before suit preference. HELD. Standard count. North thinking: Partner played x (if only he had played y, that would have helped) If attitude, I should maybe switch from clubs. If count, he has three. continuing can ...
Weak two?
Am surprised by the highish HCP counts in range.
Ogust followup
Presumably they actually pay it double. Like "going blind" in brag. Edited to correct "going blond", though was tempted to leave it.
Ogust followup
Still doesn't work for me.
Youngest Life Master
A rare plus from the current lockdown. And worth noting that until then, he was not neglecting his normal studies. ( so, better than playing pool)
Attitude signal vs 3NT
Sorry for being slow, but could you outline the bidding for me?

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