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John Oikonomopoulos
John Oikonomopoulos
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March 26, 2012
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May 13
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Bridge Player
about me

Won the Masters IMP pairs in Greece at the age of 20 and 5 months (youngest in history)


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Favorite Conventions
2D 18-19 Balanced, Gazzilli a la lauria, Gar
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ACBL Ranking
Copy of Copy of Nunes - Fantoni
2/1 GF except with both majors
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Exactly what I am thinking and what I believe , thanks Adam .. But we still have to find the way to make bridge much more enjoyable
XYZ players - what meaning do you give for those sequences
I usually define these bids like this : Direct means distributional, through 2 or 2 it's from HCP
Systems on after 2!C - 2NT?
I play 2NT response as 5-5 n the majors , at least 5 HCP, tough hand to describe and not letting my partner bid 2NT over 2 opening with a good balanced hand :P
Your Opening 1NT Range
10 - 13 NV vs V 12-14 NV vs NV + 4th 15-17 Vul
10 weeks
Propably with a careless play, drawing diamonds first before casshing clubs or claimed, so they foced him to draw diamonds first and blocking his had
Gazzilli: An Introduction
I am sorry to say that but Lauria's version does not include a weak 6M (2M rebid) or strong hand (17+) ... Lauria's version includes a natural 2 rebid or any hand 15+ without 5-5 or 6-4 type You may refer to Bocchi's version that only after ...
Reverse Lebensohl (or Italian Lebensohl), any ideas?
They use it when they resond to a take out double only and not in all stuations at the first auction this is something compleely different
Nikos Stamatiou's bidding problem: JT986 AT4 853 K4
I would double looks like we have to make the last guess on this board and looks like the contract is down two .. Do we take 500 instead of 650 .. So 3 imps gain? So im not gonna risk 5hearts dowm ome in imps at the possibility of A of ...
Reverse Lebensohl (or Italian Lebensohl), any ideas?
In general the idea is .... When lebenshol sequence applies in competitive bidding the responder at the double has to identify his hand...the italian style is reversed than the standart... NT bid (1 or 2) shows a good hamd about 8-11 points and immidiate bid shows 0-7
ACBL vs EBL (and WBF too)
EBL and WBF is far ahead in many things...

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