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John Portwood
John Portwood
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Aug. 23, 2011
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Now in Mid 50s, have been member of one bridge club for 40 years - and pretty well play in the one club. Married with one youth and work in insurance.

I like to think that I am a highly ethical, polite and considerate to partner and opponents.


United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Overcalling a multi 2D on a six card spade suit - only to find that that was the suit intended.
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning a pack of 6 mixer drinks in an EBU magazine competition
Regular Bridge Partners
Professor WJ Zakrzewski
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
Don't play in any.
Favorite Conventions
My own!
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Find The Human
Richard - obviously some of my bridge partners are not human then.
RHO open 1NT, you have 2524 and 15 points
I Play Meckwell and HELO depending on the NT strength but will pass this hand - far too defensive in nature. Lead a heart and get your +50/100 (assuming it is passed out).
Can a declarer ask what the contract is?
Well, when I am playing there is often more than one dummy at the table.
Find The Human
And west should have overtaken and cashed the last spade and Ace of Diamonds to ensure 1 down (Make life easy for your partner). Would a bot NOT do that?
Can a declarer ask what the contract is?
Yes - he can't have a review of the auction, but he CAN ask what individual calls made in the auction meant (if he can remember them) - that comes under law 20F. Note that defenders can't ask what are trumps - but they can ask what the contract is.
Finish this sentence
Would you overcall 1 - 1 with 2 holding 9 points and a 5-card suit, opposite a passed partner. At pairs, maybe, at teams . . .
Finish this sentence
probably not as good as a heart since with a weak hand leading the shorter major, especially the unbid one, is more likely to find length and strength in partner's hand than leading a minor suit, since leading from AQX is quite likely to cost a trick with limited ...
Does Anybody Play This Any More
I will avoid any discussion of POTUS - this is not the place for it. I do object to software designers imposing their political thoughts on an assumed neutral website though. And I would do so if 'Clinton' was thought to be a swear word.
Does Anybody Play This Any More
You don't often have AK of the Trump suit - mind you in a Victor Mollo Story Papa doubles HHs 6NT holding AK of one suit and KQ of another (and on lead) - you can guess the result. This is ludicrus! The POTUS has now been defined as 'potentially objectionable ...
Does Anybody Play This Any More
Of course in normal circumstances only ONE of a pair can make a Lightner double - but both co-operate on this. Which must make it twice as good.
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