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March 28, 2011
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Oct. 17
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Semi-retired as ACBL director after 16 years. Still thinking and writing about the game; no "full time" partnerships

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Three and a half articles by me were published in the Bridge World (1990s). My Bridge Cartoon is st
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Triangle BC, Durham NC
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East played the jack at trick 1. West was the director and East was the guaranteed partner (not an experienced player). It was the first round, and North-South could have heard them agree to play DONT (but can't be assumed to be paying attention to that discussion).
John Torrey's bidding problem: AJT95 KT 53 AJ85
My original error, now corrected. Good catch, Gary. Sorry, others who answered.
What's your play here?
Partner had AT2 KJTx JT9x xx The low-heart leaders have it right. When the hand was played, your hand actually returned a diamond, then discarded the two low hearts on the run of the clubs, allowing the contract to make. Some comments note that if declarer has a major ace ...
Find The Human
Right! And if Eash had QJ instead, it would be right to lead the Q before the fourth spade, for the same reason.
Find The Human
The information about scoring method would probably be relevant (but only to a human?). It was BBO's Just Play Bridge, where there is no comparison to other tables and the objective as far as I can tell is to accumulate raw net points as rapidly as possible. I was ...
One more flew over the cuckoo's nest
I agree with Max, but I have to admit that I would not penalize West even if I suspected cleverness.
One more flew over the cuckoo's nest
Suppose West calls the Director. Away from the table, he asks whether he is permitted to ask partner if his bid was intended. The Director says, "No." When they return to the table, East says that he intended to bid 4. The Director should allow the correction. Is a ...
Your Take on This Exposing This Revoke?
The March ACBL Bulletin has an article promoting Active Ethics. If Active Ethics are optional, we should not need such an article. The first point of the article advocates the principle of full disclosure. This is required and therefore not part of Active Ethics. The article also advocates a friendly ...
What Went Wrong Here for North-South
Agree with Ed on South's comment. In addition, South's bid is questionable. What was he sacrificing against?
Another Ruling at the Club
I know the NS pair. They are steady but not tricky, and I absolutely believe their statement about playing high-low with two, and why they did so.

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