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Jordan Lampe
Jordan Lampe
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June 17, 2015
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about me

Random brige player in New York City.  If you like backgammon, check out my site:

United States of America

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Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: T87xxx AQx J KQx
That looks like a 5 card spade suit to me.
Jordan Lampe's bidding problem: QJ5 3 A42 AKQ853
I'm surprised that nobody wants to make a slam try with extras and a source of tricks.
Jordan Lampe's bidding problem: K K85 A532 AT932
No last train
Follow up to XYZ invite sequence
If you are never down 1 in 3 then playing 2 forcing here is fine.
Now for something completly different
Presuming declarer has the pointed KQ's and running clubs, who cares? Doesn't he just discard the KQ on the run of the hearts and you never get to enjoy your slow diamond trick anyway? Why risk an accident when you already have a good score; looks like 5 ...
Hank Meyer's bidding problem: KJ94 6 AJ74 AKQ2
Okay, you got me, zing. I will go and beg to be let into the 299er game.
Hank Meyer's bidding problem: AKT632 KQ432 2 K
I sometimes wonder if life is easier if you (by agreement) bid the 5 card suit first when you have a good 6-5 and partner preempts.
Hank Meyer's bidding problem: KJ94 6 AJ74 AKQ2
In "Standard" 2 here is game forcing, but I am of the opinion that life is much easier if you play it as showing reverse strength. If you had that agreement then this hand is suddenly easy to bid. And the downside of this agreement is ... well, I can ...
12 IMPs penalty against the opps - what would you do ?
If you don't like the rules, change them. I agree that 12 IMPs seems harsh for being 10 minutes late, especially if there are extenuating circumstances. But I don't agree with "I don't like the rule therefore I am going to ignore it"
12 IMPs penalty against the opps - what would you do ?
I'm just saying "rules are rules" in another way. The rules say "if X happens then Y results". Sometimes X is "we took 12 tricks in 6x" and Y is "our score is +1210". Sometimes X is "the team shows up 10 minutes late" and Y is "12 ...

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