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Joyjit Sensarma
Joyjit Sensarma
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Sept. 13, 2015
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May 3
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Professional Bridge Coach.


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Teachers, I could use some help
(I just sent this private message to Jeff while I was waiting for my membership to be approved) Jeff, For my coaching (and teaching advanced+ partnership) I use what is called “scenario scripting”. Rather than creating hands, I create scenario where conventional bidding system have known problem areas. Almost all ...
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
Where does a coach (Eric Kokish) contribute to a seasoned partnership like yours? Or in a team like Nickell’s with 3 seasoned partnerships?
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: KJ 4 J9865 JT986
19-21 trumps. Close call. K looks like s defensive trick. Passing
Joyjit Sensarma's bidding problem: Qxx Kx Axx ATxxx
Is it a hand worth forcing to slam? Who will limit the hand?
Joyjit Sensarma's bidding problem: Qxx Kx Axx ATxxx
Just wondering , what is 4 here?
BBO format
I was talking of the following scenario. Played TM around 80 days ago. Right now it appears in my "My BBO/ "Hands and Results". After 10 days (~) its going to disappear from "My BBO/ "Hands and Results" list. Is there any way for me to save the entire TM? Even ...
BBO format
Saved deals are for limited time (I think last 90 days?). Saving an entire tournament/team match deals is a pain (have to be done individually?). Anyone knows a faster way to save the entire game?
BBO format
The ability to save my deals is too important for me. Dont know whether this feature is available in the web version (hardly used it)
Board Analysis - What will you be looking for?
This is the summary till now: Compare table results when: Bidding: Different Openings in 2 tables (can be because of system, psych etc) and see HCP/Vulnerability/length of suit Overcall – Made vs not made, suit quality, HCP of overcaller Opening Lead: Standard lead (4th/3rd/2nd best, internal honor ...
Board Analysis - What will you be looking for?
@ Nick: I have gone through your repository (brilliant work, BTW). The biggest issue with data seems to be with the names. Since the work that I am planning to do is irrespective of the player (in most of the cases), this error affects me the least.

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