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Ken Graebe
Ken Graebe
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Nov. 27, 2012
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April 1, 2017
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bridge player

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Modern Standard American
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I would vote for anything goes as local club rules can make anything illegal. Now then how about other features(!) of the GCC like multi 2D & total relay systems. The old GCC allowed a NT psych "generally without a singleton or void". The new GCC is more restrictive in that ...
1NT Openers With Singleton Honors
if i played transfers over a weak NT, a 2nd lie would be to respond 2NT after a transfer to a sinlgeton K.
1NT Openers With Singleton Honors
i failed to mention that i play a 10-14 weak NT without transfers or minor relays. if partner responds in my singleton K i can tell a 2nd lie & pull, thus informing my patient partner of a singleton K to help in subsequent bidding or defense. alert opponents might in ...
1NT Openers With Singleton Honors
I stopped playing at 2 clubs as the result of local club rules barring same. Of the many, many hands I've played, I have opened NT with a singleton K only 3 times & never became declarer in a NT contract. The theory is that LHO is unlikely to lead ...
Best Defenses against Strong One Club opening bids
We have found that the best direct seat defense to our Mickey Mouse Club system is pass as anything else helps us in the subsequent bidding or defense. We subscribe to the theory of establishing the level before searching for the strain. Hence stepping responses (A=2 K=1) to ...
Is it legal for both 1C and 1D to be artificial openers?
i play a 15+ precision club with 10-14 5 card majors and balanced NT. failing that, we use 1D = 10-14 with an unknown singleton or void which we announced as "could be short". A director call resulted in having to change the announcement to be specifically our requirement in order ...
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