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Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O'Brien
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July 7, 2010
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about me


I started playing Bridge seriously in 2006, after almost 40 years of playing once a year. and 21 months of playing once a week (plus local Sectionals and Regional)

Besides playing, I am a certified ACBL Club Director; starting in 2013 with a small one-evening-a-week club, and maintain its Internet presence (posting results, Facebook page).

In 2013, I became coordinator of the Intermediate-Novice lectures presented at my Unit's weekly Unit Game, and a frequent lecturer there. I also often lecture at my Unit's Sectionals, and the local Regional.

In 2015, I became a certified Learn Bridge in a Day? instructor; in 2016 a certified EasyBridge! Instructor.

I have taught in a local Bridge in Schools program, and at a local Country Club. I also teach small groups in their homes, including supervised play, and I am available for playing lessons.

I have served on my Unit's Board of Directors since 2014 in a variety of volunteer positions, and also serve my District as a volunteer dealing with tournament supplies and equipment.

In 2016, I started the Newcomer Game 0-20 MP Section at my Unit's weekly Unit Game, I present most of the pre-game lectures and direct most of the games; we are averaging five tables each week in 2017; several pairs have "graduated" to the 199er section. 

In 2017 I joined the Bridge Heroes team for The Longest Day, happy to do my part to help fight this terrible Alzheimer's disease and other dementias which have affected so many.

In 2018, I took a big leap from running a weekly club game to running five weekly club games, now all under the multi-site umbrella of "Bridge Club of Northern Virginia" which lead my Unit in club table count!

United States of America

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one that makes me look good is "Sat Eve Side Swiss" at
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wouldn't it be nice!
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Bridge Club of Northern Virginia (manager/director), NVBA (Unit 218) Unit Game
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too many to name
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A Small Request
If I take I-80 all the way to Omaha I'll miss the Regional (or have to make a U-turn!)
A Small Request
"What is the best thing to come out of Iowa? Interstate 80!" Peg might prefer Interstate 35 headed north?
A Small Request
Hi Peg, I neglected to take a tact pill before posting here four years, one month, six days ago. Thanks for reminding people once again!
ACBL Live über alles
ACBL Live for Clubs does NOT indicate anywhere who directs the event! Not good. Not good at all. (or am I missing something?)
ACBL Live über alles
Thanks, Matthew, for being the leader in so much that benefits ACBL clubs. When I began directing club games almost seven years ago, I investigated Bridge Results and ACBL Merge, but instead went straight to The Common Game -- pretty much the same format for results, plus the HUGE advantage of ...
BOD Restructure Vote
Richard, Forget about governance! That is POISON to the entrenched locality/District/Region-interested BoD member, as well as the self-interested BoD member. Loot at Don Mamula's initial approach -- take the "five people, good and true" and have them first come up with the details -- operational solutions for the pressing ...
BOD Restructure Vote
Messing with reducing the size of the Board of Directors does not work and has never worked. Asking them to cut the number of their colleagues, or (perish the thought!) their own position, will never work. That's why the current "Chicago Six" proposal tries the blatant bribe of offering ...
BOD Restructure Vote
If it's not already too late, we watch San Francisco BoD actions. Doesn't matter what they do with the Chicago Six motion (sorry, JoAnn), size of current BoD is, for now, irrelevant. Easier if they reject it (avoiding the "imminent-bloat" which precedes the "eventual-shrink"), but doesn't matter ...
BOD Restructure Vote
Bravo, Don! The ACBL Board of Directors and its size is now irrelevant. [b]The first step is to put in place a small, focussed team with the necessary skills. We do [i]NOT[/i] need ACBL's Board of Directors to do this![/b] Let's find these appropriately-skilled ...
BOD Restructure Vote
Don't count on a Court, Chris. Don't wait that long. Don't waste time tinkering with the BoD size. Work OUTSIDE the BoD box. We have a pretty good idea of + what needs to be done (Steve Moese and others have set out the goals/objectives fairly well ...

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