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Kevin Rosenberg
Kevin Rosenberg
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Feb. 23, 2012
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about me

Cupertino California, son of Debbie and Michael Rosenberg, "aspiring" bridge player who plays too much on BBO without learning a lot probably

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Hand from Gatlinberg KO’s
if lho is 3424 as I said, you can simply take the first 12 tricks. So no, you don't need trumps 3-2
Hand from Gatlinberg KO’s
Looks like rho has 6 diamonds. I play a then k of clubs. If they split, I draw the third trump, cash aj of hearts spade to ace, pitch 2 spades on the hearts, and now play a spade pitching a diamond. Rho is likely to win this against non ...
ATB - -930
If West can double 3c and pass a double of 3s, then I think I can double the poster's claim that West is fairly good. Just a joke btw. But in seriousness, West hand knows a 10 card minor fit exists and that ops have an 8, likely 9 ...
One more flew over the cuckoo's nest
first, this all feels like a bit of a hedge. Either in sentiment you want to allow mechanical errors, or you don't. I think pretty much everyone on Earth could agree that the examples Kieran mentions should be allowed to be taken back, and I'm not sure I ...
One more flew over the cuckoo's nest
I could wait for David to respond, but my point was in reference to his comment about games. I was a competitive chess player for many years, and if for instance, you accidentally hit one of your pieces, or knocked it over, the "touch-move" rule didn't apply. I don ...
One more flew over the cuckoo's nest
So to clarify, do you think that in principle, a mechanical error should ever be allowed to be taken back?
What would you have done?
I'm a bit unclear what the complaint is. I agree 2s is an insane bid, but so what? Are you saying that overcaller was somehow signalled by advanced they didn't have a good cuebid? Certainly, you can't ask for any kind of adjustment here, and to me ...
Partial Disclosure
let's say you sit down to play with a newer player, and bid Texas without discussion, and they alert it. Presumably you wouldn't correct the explanation to "we had no agreement". I see this situation as similar. Even if they are a regular partnership, I doubt this specific ...
Partial Disclosure
it's an awkward area of bridge when explanations are wrong not so much due to agreements, as simply the explainer not being a very strong player. I doubt this pair had an agreement about this auction - the declarer simply misinterpreted a fairly standard auction and explained it as such ...
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is south's 3H bid for real?
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