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Kinpin Chu
Kinpin Chu
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Sept. 21, 2017
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Jan. 22
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Bridge Player
about me

I love bridge, but my English is very poor. If misunderstandings because of language, thank you for your understanding.


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Study bridge to 5stars (BBO name)
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BBO best daily performers 2nd 1-13-2018
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Double is my favorite weapon
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LC Standard Pro
LC Standard Pro
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More About Picture Jumps and Fast Arrival
If the quality of the trump suit to a full solid suit, also to achieve the same purpose, is it ok? If opener hold AKQ652 A3 KQ2 72, and his partner hold 3 J7 AJ3 KQJ10986, 6 maybe -1 but 6 is cold.
More About Picture Jumps and Fast Arrival
About opener jump rebid his own suit, I've seen three definitions: solid, lack A only, solid or only 1 loser. Can you explain their advantages and disadvantages of it?
More About Picture Jumps and Fast Arrival
Hi Andrew, "I agree your 2nd and 3rd example are too strong for a jump ..." The last two examples, this should mean? "My general rule is that 5-level slam tries promise that 5M is cold" I read your article with a translation tool, it cannot translate the meaning of the ...
More About Picture Jumps and Fast Arrival
"For me, 3-card support with 3 of top 5 or any 2 or top 3 is fine. " The last "or" seems to be "of".
Ask follow-up of 1S-3C
Thank you David.
More About Picture Jumps and Fast Arrival
Very good article, solved many of my confusion. I have another question: In your example, is the opener rebid his own suit promise 6+ cards and unlimit his hand?
Looking for partners who play 2/1 GF
- No 4 card openings in 3rd seat. Ok - After 2C interference, I still prefer systems on with double showing stayman (DBL explicitly denies garbage stayman). If 2C=+? -I didn't see puppet over 2N, I'm assuming you play it though.Yes, puppet not in LC Standars Preferences ...
Ask follow-up of 1S-3C
I don't know,so I ask. :)
Looking for partners who play 2/1 GF
Thank you, see my CC, can you play?
What do you play against multi 2!D?
The treatment by Tony Forrester: X = T/O of , or strong than 2NT 2 = T/O of 2 = natural 2NT =15-18, System on. 3/3 = natural 3/3 = natural, good one suit hand 3NT = natural, trick taking NT type 4 = ...
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