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Kit Woolsey
Kit Woolsey
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July 29, 2010
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Kit Woolsey is a world-class bridge and backgammon player, analyst, and writer. His most recent major victory was winning the Cavendish Invitational Pairs in 2011. He was elected to the ACBL Hall of Fame in 2005 and lives in Kensington, CA.

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Kit - Sally
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ATB - Just another missed slam
1NT rebid is limiting -- describes strong NT.
ATB - Just another missed slam
When the partner of a limited hand jumps to game (as opposed to making a lower forcing call), the auction is over. If North wanted to bring South into the loop for slam purposes he should bid 4, and now South will have no difficulty driving to slam.
What's the ethical thing to do when partner misreviews auction?
Unless you aren't using bidding boxes or somebody at the table has a visual problem, I don't see how anybody can be asking for a review of the bidding while the bidding is in progress. All they have to do is look. Clearly you must say nothing, and ...
what is 2 over 1 over takeout double?
Natural, NF.
What does a hesitation suggest here?
I don't understand. This wasn't given as a UI problem, where the partner of the player who bid out of tempo made a marginal call. It was simply a question about what the slow 3 bid suggested about opener's hand.
1NT or 1C
So what. After I take my aces and kings and my club ruffs in dummy and my 4 trumps in my hand, the defense is welcome to what is left over. Getting tapped is painful only when you get run out of trumps while the opponents have some trumps left ...
No Race
If East happens to have found the spade shift from QJx, which isn't out of the question, then overtaking would leave something to be desired. In real life, West will expect East to routinely continue spades.
1NT or 1C
Not sure I understand your question. I play that a rebid of the major shows 6+, that 2NT ooks something like a 2NT call, and that 3-level bids don't necessarily show extra strength or distribution. If I did choose to open 1 on this hand and got a ...
1NT or 1C
Obviously the hand evaluates as too strong to open 1NT. Whether you should not open 1NT on a hand where you expect the field to be opening 1NT and there can't be that much equity difference between opening 1 and 1NT is a moot point. Incidentally, I would ...
No Race
I would pass. South has opened a strong NT, so it is unlikely that we have enough strength for game. I believe the chance that 3 is too high (or that if I invite East will accept and go down) far outweighs the chance that East will accept and ...

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