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Konrad Ciborowski
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Sept. 1, 2015
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Sept. 20
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Victim of Idiot Coup (Almost)
I must say I have never witnessed the Idiot Coup actually work though once it was so close... It was an individual tournament. My partner was in 3NT, I was dummy and put down AK10xxx in diamonds. The declarer played low from hand and his LHO (which I knew well ...
EBU: One system - Two players.
I'm not sure what you mean but for me it is cheating to deliberately write !NT 9-17 in your CC simply "to cover all the hands we might ever want to open 1NT". I know that some people do things like that to protect themselves from some stupid TDs ...
On teaching play of the hand
My kids play bridge but they also play some chess. In chess the teachers will tell you to play "all 64" (ie. to see the entire chessboard, not focus on one element) but the problem is that bridge and chess are so complex that it is literally impossible to do ...
Bot Forum: Help Needed for Bot Programmer
I think that East defended against this hand:AQJxx Q982 x KQx - after partner discarded the A you need to keep 3 clubs to prevent declarer from scoring 3 club tricks. I know that if this is indeed North's hand then it means that both declarer and partner have ...
Ruling - a revoke and a killing defense
He didn't advise the although things happened rather fast. He was explaining about the unestablished revoke and I have no clue how much of it the kids got. Then he said "you must correct it" and out came a club king.
Ruling - a revoke and a killing defense
North knows that East has 4 hearts (no 1 overcall) so East is known to be 3=4=5=1. If he has the A then going up with the king will be a disaster. It isn't very likely that the singleton club is the ace for various ...
Ruling - a revoke and a killing defense
In some way East did benefit from the infraction. Having gone up with the K North can limit declarer to 8 tricks by playing J. But in this case he had to play the 2 and when my son inserted the 6 South was endplayed. I also firmly believe that ...
Frivolous play ruling
I have no idea. Probably some sort of weighted adjusted score but your guess is as good as mine. All this was fortunately inconsequential because the scores of matches in IMP-s were converted to VP-s and the change didn't affect the standings at all (North-South finished second with no ...
Frivolous play ruling
L73 in my post was a typo, I meant L72, sorry about that.
Frivolous play ruling
40B.2(v). only allows the Regulating Authority to "restrict the use of psychic artificial calls." And the 7NT call cannot, by definition, be artificial. So even in the ACB- land we couldn't use this law to justify the score adjustment.

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