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Kostas Vovos
Kostas Vovos
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Nov. 8, 2012
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April 9
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Gregory Nowak's bidding problem: 8742 K74 86 AKT4
Actually if my pd is bidding seriously i would want to be in 6clubs. I find splintering with this hand a serious overbid
Daniel Jackson's bidding problem: QJxx x Axx Axxxx
Double by us in a non-forcing sequence asks partner to bid with no defence or stay with 1-1.5 trick
Giovanni Bobbio's bidding problem: 9 AKQ4 K754 QT63
Imo in mp's 2C is better because more often than not my p with 5 spades bids 2S after 1NT, in teams thought it's a totally different story
Kostas Vovos's bidding problem: Q3 K954 9843 AK5
Actually on the table p bidded wrongly but i tried it on a simulation and pass won 75% of time while 4H won nearly 20%.
Nikos Stamatiou's bidding problem: 842 AQT973 KJ5 A
Maybe they dont support when minimum opening!?
Kostas Vovos's bidding problem: A952 AKT642 Q7 9
If you play both tries (long and short) the actual question is whether you bid 4H or what try you prefer
Konstantinos Doxiadis's lead problem: QT532 4 K7 Q8752
Maybe with a club we force declarer twice and partner takes control with his presumed 4 trumps
Kostas Vovos's bidding problem: A952 AKT642 Q7 9
but with that hand after 2spades he could accept again
Kostas Vovos's bidding problem: A952 AKT642 Q7 9
if partner declines your 3C bid you bid 3or 4 hearts?
Kostas Vovos's bidding problem: AQ432 A2 A432 A2
the normal bid here is 3D i agree but usually with 2S partner offers 2 tricks and i have 5 and a half so there are still 3.5 losers

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