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Kurt Zhang
Kurt Zhang
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June 22, 2013
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about me

Bridge is like the world, full of uncertainty. Maybe this is why I am so fascinated about it. Thanks BW and all my partners and opponents, I am still learning and making progresses steadily. Besides bridge, I try to understand the mathematical nature of life. I don't know which is more difficult, but am sure both requires a lifetime of exploration. 

United States of America

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Screaming at the computer
This is why I don't watch partner's declarer play.
Is the Best Defense Double Dummy?
Cute, but partner would have led back a low heart rather than the J. Edit: partner has the J10 then. Wrong comment.
There Are "GOAT's" and There Are "Goats"
No, declarer had the K so the contract was made.
There Are "GOAT's" and There Are "Goats"
Nice hand. But East should cash the A before leading the second heart. Then West knows his partner is pondering heart or club lead and would give a clear attitude signal.
Kurt Zhang's bidding problem: KQ943 7 J42 A875
There is no argument. Just want to find if there is consensus.
Decision time in 6!d
The first honor trump by West was the restricted choice from Q, J, T, QJ, JT, and QJT (QT is not possible as T should be played from QT). So it's 50-50 for trump breaking 4:1 or 3:2, and rising the K or not depends on spade ...
Defensive Problem
I meant to declarer the T indicated the K, so it's percentage to squeeze West. I couldn't blame East because I selected to lead a as East at the table.
Defensive Problem
The T as SP indicated the K, didn't it? I knew leading wouldn't cater all cases. Isn't it interesting, that a normal lead by a simple mind like mine works but an expert defense may fail?
Defensive Problem
Interesting P didn't switch to J at trick 2, nor led J at opening from AJTxxx, . Then East had no option but leading a spade when getting in with heart.
Defensive Problem
P has 3 hearts. If not, he would have probably led from his 4 cards spade. The T is for suit preference because P knows I would figure out the heart shape. Should I cash a third heart to confirm the heart position? It works unless declarer has A and ...

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