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Kyle Rockoff
Kyle Rockoff
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Basic Information

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Jan. 7, 2016
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Head of Northwestern University's Bridge program! Class of 2019, Math major looking to become an actuary. Might be heading towards District 17 soon, we'll see what the future holds.

Obsessed with all things bridge Smile.


Looking to fill availability for the Spring Memphis NABC:

-Vanderbilt (10k or Open) Teammates

-Also available as a pro for regional events (great partner for mid-flight pair/team events). Available Mon-Tues of the main week, plus some scattered single sessions across the whole tournament.


USBF Junior Program

District 13, Board of Governors

United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
District 13 Mini-McKenney Masterpoint Race Winner (2016, 2017, 2018), Flight C NAP District 13 Champ (2016), Flight C GNT District 13 Champ (2017), BBO Master and multi-time Dailylong Tournament Champion, several open events 1st-3rds at regionals/sectionals/nationals.
Regular Bridge Partners
Philip McPeek, Sarik Goyal, Daniel Weiss, and many others (you know who you are :-) )
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Northwestern DBC (Owner/Director), Reluctant Redoubler, USBF Jr Program
Favorite Tournaments
Summer Nationals, IL and Wisconsin Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
Hybrid or Strong Club Structures, RUNT, Transfers over 1!C (in both 2/1 and alternate contexts)
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Kyle/Luke Advanced 2/1– May 2018
2/1 GF
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Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: --- J42 KQ KQJ87653
I held this hand and despite the 8 card suit passed it out. Felt like an insane problem, decided to post it here for a sanity check. What's even more hilarious is what happened with our teammates (this was a weird MP/BAM event so we also got a ...
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: --- J42 KQ KQJ87653
It did believe it or not :-). Hand 10:
Superbowl Homework
So it looks like East is either 4=4=2=3 or 3=4=2=4? I find it very unlikely that RHO would pitch their last spade, so I'm guessing 3424 (with stiff spade, stiff trump, doubleton club in the end position). Part that has me a bit ...
Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: AQT4 K AKQT92 73
Yeah it's a good agreement to know what 3 is in this sequence. I can think of at least one partner that would bid 3 with 2=5=1=5 as a punt for 3NT with a min, that way 4 shows extras. Not disagreeing with ...
Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: AQT4 K AKQT92 73
If partner's 3-5-1-4, I'm not confident enough the s are running. Possible 7 is laydown in the 4-3 with one ruff in the short hand, but I don't have a way to inquire if partner has the J. Also possible partner could be 2-5-1-5 and ...
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Did partner wink to tell us he has the K somewhere in this auction? I missed that bid.
Of relevance to issue from Honolulu
Partner should double with your A, so top it is.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: QJT752 Q62 3 632
And this is the one problem I was expecting would reveal a clear consensus lol.
Daniel Sonner's bidding problem: AQJ6 A8 AJ5 QJ73
My instincts are-- No J: 3. Trade QJ for K and lose J: 4 Losing the J but gaining an extra 10 somewhere (except s): I could go either way.
Update -- Grue and Levin Win Blue Ribbon Pairs
I'll be one of the 3,000 students at the game tomorrow!

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