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Dec. 12, 2010
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Donald Lurie's bidding problem: J4 J96 JT63 Q653
It would help to know if there was an agreement regarding 2NT.
What does it promise?
By the way, for me Jxx AQxxx Qxx Qx is a routine 1NT rebid (but then again so is xxx AQxxx Qxx Ax after a first seat 1, so maybe I'm not in the mainstream on this).
What does it promise?
I didn't say it was safe :). I still think most would choose it.
What does it promise?
I think most would choose double in preference to either Pass or 2m with something like xx x Kxxxx AJxxx.
For all the Flannery haters out there (I used to be one myself, but I've been converted), note that Flannery makes a 2 rebid easy here since partner won't expect 3 of them.
Marty, I think you are missing the point. The KNR value of a hand is intended to be the average value over the entire range of partner's possible hands, both with and without a fit. As the auction develops, if a fit is not discovered, you could adjust the ...
"The KNR approach to hand evaluation is badly flawed as it evaluates on the ASSUMPTION that we'll have a trump suit fit, rather than changing the valuation depending on whether or not we do." Marty, this misconception about KNR really needs to be put to rest. The evaluation method ...
Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: KJ74 AK763 K42 5
I don't think that most would treat a jump to 4 as fit-showing.
YBTJ (and Jury?) - Regional Swiss Teams
Even playing the multi-way 3 gadget, a partnership should agree on the difference between 1-1NT-3-3-3 and 1-1NT-3NT. Using the latter auction to suggest solid spades and the former to deny them seems like a useful distinction.
YBTJ (and Jury?) - Regional Swiss Teams
But North isn't "guessing" the final contract. South can exercise his judgment over the 3NT bid. Even if the simulation was completely reliable, it doesn't account for the fact that South should remove 3NT on some hands. For a simulation to be even somewhat persuasive, you would have ...
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