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Manfred Michlmayr
Manfred Michlmayr
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Basic Information

Member Since
Aug. 17, 2012
Last Seen
Feb. 17
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Qualified for and won several Bridge World bidding contests against top pairs
Bridge Accomplishments
over 40 Blue Ribbon qualifications; high finishes (in top 10) in NABC's
Favorite Tournaments
NABCs, Monterey Regional
Favorite Conventions
Drury, Soloway jump shifts, fit-showing jump shifts by PH,
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Partner needed for Las Vegas
Partner needed for Las Vegas
Thanks Peter. I am not sure yet if I will stay for the Open Pairs later in the week. Will try to call you in the next few days.
Another place the blame case
N could pass 1H by the passed hand, or rebid 1NT. S has no business bidding 4th suit and should never bid 4H.
Twas the night before Chennai.....
Great job! Thank you.
The time is now.
Poland qualified with a pair that appears to have been caught cheating. My understanding is that such a team must be excluded from the Bermuda Bowl under WBF rules. Somehow, the WBF seems to be ignoring its own rules. We all know that Monaco, Germany and Israel withdrew immediately, when ...
Open Chennai Discussion Thread
This must be the saddest Bermuda Bowl ever. We have learned that cheating has decided many tournament results for some time. We don't know which teams would have qualified without cheating. We know that the bridge community has failed miserably. It took one courageous Norwegian to wake up a ...
The Bridge Community
Excellent positive thinking,Kit. Unfortunately,it is a bit more complicated. We have learned that cheating is more common than many of us had thought. This will hurt the game we love for a long time. Just as Volkswagen will suffer for years for its stupid cheating, Bridge will suffer ...
Victor Chubukov's bidding problem: A K842 AQ52 AK95
Eric, I bid 2S, and I said that I would accept partner's 3C sign-off. Now, back to your 3C bid: I had not commented on it, so I did not say that your 3C raise was a sign-off. If you want to hear my opinion, I do not find ...
Victor Chubukov's bidding problem: A K842 AQ52 AK95
Looks like my partner has 4 spades, so his club holding may not be very robust. What should he do on the previous round with something like qxxx jxx jxx qxx ? I will accept his 3C sign-off, but I think I have to try for game with my hand. He ...
JoAnna Stansby's bidding problem: 643 T832 QJ63 95
In all these responses, I have yet to see a good reason for bidding. I cannot think of one either. What is the downside of passing? We might not be in our best fit. So what? If partner has a big hand, he might go plus anyway. If not, the ...

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