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What's the Best Line?
I strongly agree with Michael that a 5-1 club break is incredibly unlikely on this auction. He explained the reasons very well.
Where did East-West go so far wrong on this hand?
I strongly disagree with the initial pass. West is 6-5 with a very good 6 card suit. How much does he need to open a Weak Two in your system? I don't understand the X, haven't seen it played as showing 4 card support -- but if that's ...
What happens after a psych
John, you are correct about the new convention charts. They clarify that as long as a bid shows the suit opened, it's natural even if it also promises a second suit.
Kickback Konfusion
THESE would be good follow-up methods after a relay start. This is exactly what I was talking about above. If you're going to play a relay system to show shape, you need some type of artificial way to follow up that allows you to: (a) find out partner's ...
Kickback Konfusion
I was about to say exactly what Kit said when I saw his comment. This problem is inappropriate for a poll. It depends entirely on this pair's agreements about what's supposed to happen after the relays end. There is no "normal" or "standard" agreement for this situation because ...
whom to blame!
I agree. IMO the system methods are largely to blame. Jumping to 2NT to show a balanced GF preempts yourself.
Puzzle, find a lie out where you can make the contract
If that's the layout, West's defense was incomprehensible. It can't ever be right to lead a low diamond with that hand. If South has at least 2 diamonds, returning a diamond honor guarantees defeat. If South has a singleton diamond, it doesn't matter which diamond West ...
Puzzle, find a lie out where you can make the contract
Richard, why doesn't Spade Qx work? East only has A98 so I can pick up the suit by leading the K, squashing the Q. We need to assume that East has a singleton diamond so he can't break up the squeeze by returning a diamond after winning his ...
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: --- AQ87xx KQ98xx A
Opposite nothing more than Jx of hearts and Jx of diamonds, we'll probably make an overtrick in 4H. Therefore, Passing 2D is crazy IMO. Those who passed probably hope to get another chance to bid, but if Opener has his most likely hand, 17-19 balanced, he'll likely Pass ...
ATB: Slam vs 3NT
David, I feel the opposite, I think South's 2S bid was good. By bidding 2S when partner knows it's a 3 card "punt" he denied a GOOD heart stopper, as he'd obviously prefer to bid 2NT if he had a double stopper. When he later bid 3NT ...
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