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This was annoying
1. I prefer a 1S opening. 2. North has to act. Whether he should X or bid 4NT depends on your agreements. I play X as a strong NT or better with at least 3.5 tricks on defense. Partner is expected to sit for the X unless he has ...
Winston Chang's bidding problem: AK8743 5 A86 A87
You must try for slam. All partner needs is Qxx of trump and KQxxx of either minor. That's a 7 count with normal shape. Many other holdings work too, especially if he has 4 trumps and a doubleton minor, e.g.: xxxx, xxxx, KQx, Kx. If trying for slam ...
Poor slam - how do you play it?
I see three realistic chances: (1) West has Kx of clubs (or stiff K); (2) either defender has JT tight of spades; or (3) spades break favorably (either 3-3, or 4-2 with West holding Ax, or West has stiff Ace) AND either defender has Qx (or stiff Q) of trump ...
The CAS Judgment re FN: What’s Next?
More important, although I come to the same conclusion as the OP -- bridge rulings should not be decided by CAS -- I don't blame CAS for the present situation. The OP along with many people on this site don't grasp the unique role the CAS plays -- i.e., why ...
The CAS Judgment re FN: What’s Next?
I have to say, while I'm sympathetic to the OP's general views, his summary of the law is not even close to accurate, at least when it comes to U.S. law. As an attorney in the U.S., I strongly disagree with his claims re: the burden ...
Best line for this grand?
Bernard's line is clearly the best (with the small improvement of cashing Ace of hearts at trick 2 instead of trick 4). Your main plan is to ruff 2 diamonds, pitch one on CQ, and set up a long spade to pitch the last diamond. That line makes any ...
Best line for this grand?
Oops. Wrote this too quickly, we have 7 spades not 6. :) So we need spades either 3-3 or 4-2 onside, or 4-2 offside with West unable to overruff the third spade. Ironically, however, it turns out this careless error caused me to UNDERestimate, not overestimate, our chances of making! So ...
What is 2!S?
I agree with Michal, that's the one hand Opener CAN'T have. A balanced 18-19 would be happy to reopen with an X and would be thrilled if partner could pass for penalty.
What is 2!S?
I agree with Steve. Most likely it's solid diamonds needing a S stopper, but it could be a big takeout hand with a spade void that doesn't want to risk partner passing a T/O X. In all cases, it's a very strong hand. No way can ...
An Absurd ACBL Procedure
Debbie, I agree and share your concern. When I deliver boards to teammates I generally make a point of shielding my eyes with one hand and looking away, so I can't possibly see any cards or scores on their table. But it's awkward and there's no good ...
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