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What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
Barry, you're mistaken about this. Certain specific recorder positions are being eliminated, but the recorder function will still exist. It's just becoming more centralized. ACBL is certainly not abolishing your ability to file recorder reports. To the contrary, we want them more than ever now. ACBL is just ...
Help Newer Players Reach Slam
"The opponents might still be half asleep, since they failed to make any further noise with their 11 card fit." Martin, are you serious that the opponents should have bid more? They're at Unfav. Vul. and they only have 7 HCP combined. If neither has a singleton, they'll ...
Help Newer Players Reach Slam
Here's my critique of East's bidding. 1. I agree with East's choice to start with X rather than a 3S cue bid. East is willing to play in hearts or either minor, so he should give partner a chance to show a long minor. Bidding 3S immediately ...
Help Newer Players Reach Slam
Mike, I strongly suggest you adopt Lebensohl (or some variant of it). IMO, it's impossible to bid intelligently over 2-level preempts without a way to distinguish good advancing hands from bad ones at the 3-level. In my preferred methods, West would have a close call between an initial response ...
Help Newer Players Reach Slam
I have to agree with those who say a natural NT shows some values. 8 to 11 sounds about right. If playing these methods, there's no way would I ever expect partner to bid a natural NT on QJxx of spades and out. (Of course, I never play 2NT ...
Tanking to get a read
Wayne and Ed, to reiterate, IF your only purpose of tanking is to try to get a read on an opponent by hoping to see a "tell," then I agree that the tank violates the rule on tempo. However, you're legitimately allowed to tank for other purposes, such as ...
Joe Clark's bidding problem: AJ985432 76 J4 8
On many of the hands where we can make 4S, I'm afraid they can make 5C or 5D. At IMPs, I think passing may win a game swing, or possibly go -150 instead of -200 or -500 in 4SX. Of course, that's because my partners won't pass ...
Tanking to get a read
Ed, I agree with you about 74C. But that's NOT the rule Michael H. quoted above. He quoted 73C. 73C does not apply to this situation. That's all my comment above said. FWIW, in at least 3 other comments in this thread, I've stated that if your ...
Tanking to get a read
Joshua, I believe everyone (or almost everyone) agrees with you that it's improper to "say to yourself, 'it will work better if I want 5 minutes first and PRETEND to think'." However, if you really are thinking, do you still consider it a violation of 74.c.7? IMO ...
Tanking to get a read
Peg, I don't see what the issue is in your case. Of course you're allowed to think about how to take an overtrick. Your opponent was out of line. Since you directed this question to me, I have to ask: did I say something above that suggested you ...
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