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How I would revise our NABC Tournaments
Brian, some of your points are interesting and merit looking into, especially charging more for NABC+ events while providing some additional amenities, in exchange for charging a bit less for regional events. However, holding the NABC+ events at a totally separate hotel is a very bad idea. To begin with ...
Four for the price of one
Kit, I don't see why you're so sure we can't beat 4H. Give partner as little as K9x of diamonds and we rate to take 1 spade + 1 club + 2 diamonds. Even Kxx of diamonds might be enough. If partner has any values they're likely in ...
What to do
IMO, the ruling here depends entirely on NS's key card agreements. Some pairs have the agreement that after a 1,4 or 0,3 response, Asker always retreats to 5T if the lower number (0 or 1) would be insufficient, then Teller is FORCED to continue with 3 or ...
UI: What does it suggest? (Part 3b)
Roland and Jeff, In general I agree with Roland's approach to this issue and I think his EV example makes this point very well. Nonetheless, I want to help clarify Jeff's point because I think I see what he's getting it and it potentially has merit. I ...
UI: What does it suggest? (Part 3b)
It's interesting that in this thread, everyone seems to be assuming the BIT suggests a NON-spade lead. In the context of the bidding problem (with the same hand), the plurality view was that East hesitated because he has a spade FIT; he was considering bidding 4S or doubling 3NT ...
UI: What does it suggest? (Part 3b)
I somewhat agree with Phillip. At MPs, absent a BIT a spade lead is 100% clear because it can't cost a trick while everything else can. At IMPs, however, I don't expect a spade lead will help us beat the contract while a good guess in some other ...
ATB: In competition, how much do you need to support partner's 2-level overcall?
IMO, South could EITHER double or bid 3H to invite game in spades, so his direct 3S call should just be to play (competitive). South passed over 1C so he can't suddenly be deciding to double for T/O X at the 3-level. Instead, IMO his X should be ...
ATB - Wrong Slam
If North is only 3-3 in the Majors, then his 4S bid (over a T/O X) would be an abomination. With 3-3-5-2 shape there are exactly two rationale choices over partner's T/O X: 3D and 4C. Making a bid that could land your side in a 3-3 ...
ATB - Wrong Slam
ATB - Wrong Slam
I agree with David B. that the best response to a T/O X here is 4C. Craig, you're correct that the North hand isn't quite strong enough to force to game with a cuebid. But more importantly, David is right that in situations like this, the most ...
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