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Matt Foster
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Feb. 22, 2017
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Kinpin Chu's bidding problem: KT Q43 KQ986 976
Wouldn’t we make a simple raise with the same hand with 5 low diamonds?
What a lot of discards
So declarer seems to be marked as 1291. (Partner ditches high low in hearts, and odd spade, then 2 more hearts). My man came down to Qx A — Q worries about a stiff SK with declarer, but that isn’t really any good as declarer will cash the 9th diamond ...
What a lot of discards
If declarer has stiff K, doesn’t he need K as well to be cold on the triple strip squeeze thingy?
What a lot of discards
If anything, it's standard SP, at least in isolation. Partners known 10 major suit cards can be distributed in any way between the 2 suits, as long as there are at least 4 in each, This does seem rather like a count position, partner knew declarer started with (at ...
What a lot of discards
What if declarer started with a stiff K?
What a lot of discards
Added in, in case it makes a difference. On the next diamond partner will pitch the 2
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: AK43 AK2 AT63 A5
I bid whichever thing shows 3Hs (3NT?)
What a lot of discards
Thanks, fixed
Donations Needed
I’ve no idea why f the traffic volumes, but this feels high to me, and I do IaaS optimisation professionally. AWS isn’t always the best answer dependent on the workload characteristics. I’d be happy to donate a couple of hours to assess the cost effectiveness of the ...
Dave Robinson's bidding problem: A7 T7532 AJT6 A4
I’m not sure I know what is going on here, but that hardly matters with three aces.
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