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Max Schireson
Max Schireson
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Basic Information

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Dec. 8, 2014
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Trying hard to learn to play bridge well. Stubbornly believe that is possible despite learning in my 40's.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The first 105 boards of the 2018 USBC round of 16, where we played ROSENTHAL to a draw.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 9 of 17 matches to finish 10th in the 2018 USBC RR. Made it to the Blue Ribbons finals and didn't get obliterated there (55th out of 78). Won 2017 GNT-C Nationals..
Regular Bridge Partners
Debbie Rosenberg, Cadir Lee, Lynn Shannon, Sarah Youngquist
ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Olivia / Miranda JUSBC
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Max and Lynn
2/1 (major suit rebid usually 6), Walsh style
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Condition of Contest
My recollection is that the flights for the various mini LM pairs events were recently adjusted so they would be synchronized with the corresponding GNT brackets. Also the lowest flight had the "LM" requirement removed. Presumably the purpose was to allow players from the GNTs to easily join pairs events ...
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Michael's case is interesting intellectually but not frequently a big impact. But take my blatant case where someone gives an incorrect explanation of partners bid, then makes a call that is way out there / nobody in a poll would make that caters to their explanation being wrong. Yet they ...
A Beautiful Hand
David, I agree that 4, 5, and 6 should be looked at separately to get a correct answer. It might not swing dramatically but what I did was definitley a short cut. Linear algebra was my least favorite math class and I only happened to see a calculator for 2x2 ...
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At the risk of answering what is intended to be a rhetorical question, if you know that your partner has a clear bid as opposed to a marginal one because of your own tempo, that is a clear violation of law 73A1 which I quoted above.
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So circumstantial evidence can be enough to send someone to prison for life, or terminate someone's parental rights for their offspring, or to ban someone from bridge for life... However on the weighty matter of the results of a single board, the rights of a side that have transgressed ...
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Ray, TLDR; in summary I think what you suggests is probably legal in the specific case we are discussing here, but not universally. More below. What is a huge problem is taking an inference from the fact that your partner saw you tank and therefore has full values for his ...
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The partner being ethical is a red herring. You are communicating with your partner by your tempo. That is the problem. I understand most people don't agree, but I am glad Richard made the ruling he did. For those arguing with me, do you think that the pair in ...
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No. I am claiming that it is illegal to take inferences from the combination of that fact and your own tempo. By doing so you are communicating with tempo, which clearly violates the law above. But for your slow tempo you would not know partner had full values.
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Law 73A1, imo the most fundamental law in this area: "Communication between partners during the auction and the play shall be effected only by means of calls and plays, except as specifically authorized under these laws." In the case described, communication occurred through tempo. Unless you can find that specifically ...
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Exactly. Circumstantial evidence is not ideal but has sent people to jail for life. Surely sometimes it can be enough to rectify a bridge score.

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