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Max Schireson
Max Schireson
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Member Since
Dec. 8, 2014
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Trying hard to learn to play bridge well. Stubbornly believe that is possible despite learning in my 40's.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The first 105 boards of the 2018 USBC round of 16, where we played ROSENTHAL to a draw.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 9 of 17 matches to finish 10th in the 2018 USBC RR. Made it to the Blue Ribbons finals. Made the LM pairs finals my first year of eligibility. Won 2017 GNT-C Nationals..
Regular Bridge Partners
Debbie Rosenberg, Cadir Lee, Lynn Shannon, Sarah Youngquist
ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Olivia / Miranda JUSBC
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Max and Lynn
2/1 (major suit rebid usually 6), Walsh style
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Ethical or not?
The fact that a championship is on the line doesn't excuse bad behavior. It's a bit like robbing a bank for $50 million and saying "I wouldn't normally rob banks but they had soooo much money that day." Eric, that's just wrong, championship or not.
How to play 3NT
This raises another issue: the best play to make looks like it's around 35%. But if you immediately play on hearts, and it loses, you are likely to lose a heart, 5 spades, and probably two diamonds for down 4. If they are in 3N at the other table ...
How to play 3NT
And if E shows out and the H play looks a bit less likely to work what's your plan?
ATB - reaching a bad slam
Yes. And afterwards he can explain that he had a heart in with his diamonds. Given that he had a perfect excuse ready made he bid perfectly:)
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Some evidence is statistical, some is not. For example, when I have a videotape of someone walking onto a bank with a gun and leaving with a bag of money, and the teller identifies them from a lineup, and they are caught with the money and the gun and a ...
Your UI ruling?
I agree. Speaking for myself as someone who described 5D as a potential double shot I think I was reacting negatively to protecting someone who preempted and then bid again. Whether it was really an extremely serious error/gambling action depends on the hand, but thinking about it more I ...
Your UI ruling?
I think these slow bids usually show. More concerning is that I think in any regular partnership each partner has a much better idea than an outsider of whether their partner is more likely to have extras for their hesitation or just have a minimum raise that wanted to show ...
How to play 3NT
One problem with ducking the opening lead is that a diamond switch might beat you immediately. Anyway say that they don't find the diamond switch and they just continue spade to the A and clear the suit. Now you are still down a bunch if you lose a heart ...
How to play 3NT
It seems like if you lose a trick to RHO, he can play a diamond to get a spade through. Assuming LHO didn't start with QT tight that will sink you. I agree with Ian the only prospect to get an extra trick without losing one is hearts. I ...
A difficult "eight ever, nine never" question
This depends a lot on what honors are missing. If the 14 HCP are KQQQQJJJ, there is exactly one out of the 11 distributions of the honors that give opener 12+ where the finesse is on. You would pretty much need a complete count to finesse. On the other hand ...

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