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REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge
If it is true that there could be a situation where two people earn different amounts or pigments of master points playing as partners in the same event, because one paid $30 more than the other, then that seems odd to me. Not sure if I'm understanding this correctly.
REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge
Nor am I -- but, I'm not sure that I would have realized, except for this thread here on BW, that I would be providing personal information to an organization separate from the ACBL when registering for the REACH event. And although it may be hard to believe, I actually ...
Conflict of Interest This article talks about "four simple safeguards" for a nonprofit organization to take with regard to its conflict-of-interest policy. One of the those four is to get competitive bids if the organization is going to make any substantial purchase of goods and services, whereby ...
Unauthorized Information - when do you need to pass and when can you bid?
My answer that East must pass 100% of the time isn't precisely what I think, but after the long hesitation I would pass except for in a rare circumstance where I was absolutely certain that I would have bid if partner had not paused for a while without passing ...
Conflict of Interest
I disagree with Steve M. that, if ACBL Board members were all aware of these potential conflicts of interest, because Mr. Whipple disclosed them, that that means it was inappropriate to provide this information to the membership as a whole. In other words, whatever one may think of the approach ...
The WBL, the EBL, and the ACBL -- Oh, My!
I'm not sure whether or not anyone will even be coming back to this thread at this point, but here is an off-topic story (that has something to do with two cultures separated by a common language). In 1980-81, I was studying (in an American program) in Bologna, Italy ...
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
This is off-topic, but since people are waxing nostalgic, and since the OP is from Italy . . . . Thirty-five years ago, when I studied in Bologna for ten months, I received the news of the death of an uncle through a "snail mail" letter about 10 or 12 days afterwards. I suppose ...
Would you call for the director?
Because this thread hasn't gone on long enough, I thought I would share a hand/situation that arose very recently -- I would describe the game as the strongest club game of the week in my area. There are "A" and "B" and novice sections. I was playing in the ...
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
It’s possible to have watched films from before one was born!
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes

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