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Michael Johnstone
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Oct. 15, 2013
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Mediator and bridge enthusiast for as long as I can remember

New Zealand

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weak 2 bid respones
I like that but could you improve if by using 3M as 'I'm sorry I opened' and drop the other responses down one so 3 = Medium strength with a short suit somewhere then 3 asks for it.
How would you rule?
If responder's system is that 2 is a transfer to Spades, then I would expect that 3 would be a super-accept with a Heart suit. Over 4 a 4 bid would be accepting the offer to play in Hearts but as responder doesn't have ...
Road to the GNT Final Four, R8 Q4
I really like the idea of separating splinters and voids. However, how do you handle splinters via Jacoby?
Using Precision but with 2C = 16 points
One of the advantages of Precision is that, as strong hands start at 1 there is more room to explore for game/slam and, sometimes stop low as well.
Seating Seeding in clubs
In our Club, the top 6 in any competition start with each other and then all players (other than those with seating/moving rights) toss and the winner of the toss sit NS. Reasonably simple and generally mixes the field up.
Is an alert required?
If I were EW, I would have expected that the 3 bid should show at least three clubs. A 2 bid would describe the hand better.
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Abstain. I would prefer that pre-deal boards and hand records are always the preferred option.
Anticipate the Split
Kit, with the stronger 4-4-4-1 hands do you then bid the suit below the singleton?
A Moral Victory
I also like it that if opener does not bid 2 then responder does not need to disclose his Heart suit to the opponents.
Lebensohl question
It is usually one level too high or one level too low :-)

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