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Michael Rosenberg
Michael Rosenberg
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Dec. 25, 2010
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35 minutes ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

I am a full time professional player, and have been so since 2004 (before that, I was semi-professional). I play in all the Nationals, a few Regionals, and do a little online teaching. My wife Debbie is also a full-time professional. We have a son, Kevin. I have two daughters, Ivana and Jahna, from a previous marriage

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the 1994 Rosenblum
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner of Rosenblum, 1998 Par Contest, 5 US Trials, Spingold(2), Vanderbilt(2), Reisinger(2), More
Regular Bridge Partners
Zia Mahmood, Debbie Rosenberg, Chris Willenken
Favorite Tournaments
World Championship(any), US Trials
Favorite Conventions
KeyCard Blackwood, Transfers, Jacoby 2N
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Answering Sabine's Question
David B: "We already know how to play bridge.". You think "we" know. I think you're wrong. I think you're very wrong. What IS clear is that "we" know hot to create AI to play chess and go above our level (which I think is not too bad ...
Dutch Spiral
Andy B: "What difficulties do you envisage, Michael? " I said there is a solution, but requires a lot of work. You have done a little - with your 2om/1N being extras with 4-3(5-1), but still have problems. You can do better. Rather than just "muddle through" after 4th suit ...
Director call - have I missed something?
That "could have known" thing always made little sense to me. You ALWAYS "could have known". It really means "should have known" - but I think the lawmakers felt that wording was too much of an 'accusation', so went with "could have known".' When you think with QJ doubleton you certainly ...
Last Board of Cavendish
Jeff L: "I surely hope that the comment about "criticizing North" is not directed at me. Because if it was, the comment is totally misdirected. I criticized no one. I merely reported..." Of course I know that was not your intention. But knowing what had been said elsewhere, and seeing ...
Last Board of Cavendish
David G: I was thinking that made more sense - despite the fact that the OP had East as dealer. Obviously, North had bid hearts somewhere along the line since South led them. Perhaps, at the OP table, East overcalled 1N a bit light. Now North's defense makes perfect sense ...
Last Board of Cavendish
I could make the diamonds K109. But I agree it would be nice to know the auction. I wrote what I did because, elsewhere, I had seen some severe criticism of the defense - and I felt this OP might reinforce that. I don't know whether the criticism was fair ...
Director call - have I missed something?
Well, yes. But I'd say it's also 'right' for the appropriate people to determine what the law 'should' be going forward - and to amend it appropriately.
Director call - have I missed something?
Aviv: All those are things declarer should do for his own benefit. I don't think there should be any law that declarer MUST do them. The only thing I think the law should prevent in this area is thinking, mid trick, about which card to play from 'equals'. In ...
Director call - have I missed something?
David B: It's generally beneficial for declarer to plan his plays in order to make them smoothly. But I don't think there should be any law that declarer MUST do so. Or even any law that a player must think at all.
Director call - have I missed something?
Gerben "With QJ987 you claim there is a bridge reason so you can think 5 seconds about playing the 9, and then some more seconds which of Q and J is more deceptive. " There are many things you 'could' do if you want to be slimy. Using the 9 as ...

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