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July 8, 2010
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Consistency is the word.
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Seriously Ed, you must be one of those that support the recent decisions on FN because they were convicted on circumstantial evidence.
Forcing to what?
Now partner bids 3. CB? HSGT?
Forcing to what?
Dave, it is not even clear everyone is "bidding". Maybe N is required to show his 3+ , no honors, even with 0 points.
Taming the Weak Notrump, part 2
We have been playing this since the two part articles were posted. However, it is not clear how to apply it when 3rd seat XX as a transfer to , both if when it definitely shows , and when it may not do so.
Forcing to what?
EW already found their 8 card M fit. W could bid 2/3/4 to play/invite/game. Or she could make some kind of game try like HSGT. Why would she need to bid 2 for any of those actions? The only possibility is she has slam ...
King from Ace-King when suit is supported?
Leonard, how would it have differed if you had led small?
King from Ace-King when suit is supported?
According to Kantar (apology in advance if I misquote him): 1) Lead K from AK if bid and freely supported. 2) Lead K in suit bid by partner. 3) A for attitude and K for count at 5 level or above. 4) With AK doubleton, do the opposite of what ...
King from Ace-King when suit is supported?
Ed, nevertheless I still don't see how to avoid the Bath coup leading K against NT.
King from Ace-King when suit is supported?
Ed, I apologize, I did not read your comment properly.

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