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July 8, 2010
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The point is one may enter an event not to win, but hope to play well enough to enjoy the Bridge, but once they have enter, they would rather win ugly than lose pretty. That does not mean their long term goal is not to get better and win playing ...
Unscientific ACBL Membership Poll
If anyone tells you the former, he is lying.
Find The Human
The SP should have occurred at trick 2. The 3 might have been what caused the later mistake from E.
What sort of strength does doubling and then making a free raise of partners response to the 2 level show?
Whatever you and your partner agree to. However, if 2 promises no extra, then you have to dump a lot of different hands into X and then QB or bidding 3 and go down. With one partner, I played no extra for a long time, but (I) decided ...
What Is Partner Saying to You?
I don't disagree with you. But to make it clear, this guy is saying if after his X, lead from Axx against 3NT but not 4.
What Is Partner Saying to You?
He would X of course. The way he plays it, it does not promise 2 of top 3 or even just the A or K, but does not deny them. Against NT, he wants me to lead from Axx, but not if they end up in e.g. 4.
What Is Partner Saying to You?
To me, the priority is lead directing. But since there is the danger of XX, you suit needs to be safe against that (with the usual caveat about probability). Because of that, it often can be a suit your side can compete in, but that is not the purpose of ...
Competing against mini-NT
Phil, I have no idea what you are talking about. I never said what you should X in the direct seat/ What I said is that whatever that is, the balancing X should be at least so that if partner has close to the cutoff, our side has game value ...
Competing against mini-NT
The point is not to bid game. The point is not to defend 1NT undoubled when your side has game values. I am willing to sell out when our side has balanced hands and less than game value.
Competing against mini-NT
1) Agree what is the minimum for penalty X (hcp or equivalent). 2) Balancing X show balanced hand covering for the maximum direct seat could have and not X for your side to make game.

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