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For ACBL Club Directors, Questions About Time Allowed Per Board and Per Round
Back in the day, I used the formula 5 minutes per board plus 5 minutes, so two boards=15 minutes, three boards=20 minutes, four boards=25 minutes, etc. IIRC, I got those numbers from an ACBL publication of the time.
Edgar Kaplan recommended 1NT-(?)-X be played as takeout in order to collect more penalties. 1NT opener is more likely than responder to have length in the enemy suit.
negative X
Even Marty Bergen acknowledges a double of 7 is penalty.
Would you rebid 1NT?
With 12 points, I'd want them to include a probable double stop in spades. OTOH, I'd bid 1NT with 14 if the spades weren't wide open.
How does your local club manage Zero Tolerance?
The report it not a penalty, it is documentation for future reference so directors/club administrators can distinguish a one-off ZT violation from a chronic problem. And you are correct that the record could conceivably be reversed on appeal, but not the DP itself, which is undoubtedly covered by Law ...
How does your local club manage Zero Tolerance?
It should be noted that a ZT penalty is a law 91 disciplinary penalty, and an appeals committee cannot reverse it per Law 93 B 3, though they can suggest a director reverse himself.
Director question
7= is the correct ruling, but I don't think it [i]should be[/i]. If the laws were designed to deter all but obvious claims, 7-1.
Assign blame
South's pass is only defensible if North's double is not merely "penalty" but "pure penalty"="if you bid, you'd better have slam in your own cards", which wouldn't be anybody's agreement in this situation, IMHO.
Key Card Blackwood
I think the best hand for key card is the one with more strength in the side suits,especially kings.
Cheating case on Hearthstone (another card game)
Agreed, this would stop a lot of unsophisticated cheating in it's tracks. There are lot more stupid cheats than smart ones. BTW, there are more stupid honest players than smart ones as well.

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