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No Open World Championships Until 2024?
Following the information given on the WBF-site, the North American Bridge Federation (NABF) is Zone 2, consisting of 3 NBOs: 1. Canada, Canadian Bridge Federation with 21,322 members 2. Mexico, Federation Mexicana de Bridge, 355 members 3. U.S.A., United States Bridge Federation (USBF), 153,383 members If ...
No Open World Championships Until 2024?
Michael: “Second, if there were no clients, I believe this country would not be so ´full of bridge talent´“. This is the old fairy tale, reciting the mantra of $$$ ad nauseam. And it is wrong. If you relate the amount of talent to the amount of bridgeplayers in the country ...
No Open World Championships Until 2024?
Very true, Donald. The Open championships are open, this is true also. In practice most of the participants in such events are pro/sponsor entities, in teams and pairs. The losses on the part of “the thousands of bridge players who are longing to play live bridge again, especially in ...
No Open World Championships Until 2024?
It is no secret that due to Covid-19 a lot of businesses are out of business and most of the others are cutting their losses and hedging their bets. The latter you are describing here.
Virus vaccine certificate
We are at a crossroads here, bridge as a whole, we the players and the organizations, whose main task is to organise tournaments. It is evident that F2F bridge pre-corona style is no longer in the cards, and we are not talking about months, imo we are talking about years ...
WBF report on Coronavirus and bridge
On two technicalities: Fever measurements give a feel of doing something but it is a fake security. The infection is transmittable before any symptoms, like fever, pop up. The après-ski partying in the ski ressort Ischgl, Austria -just to name one out of a number of examples- was a superspreader-event ...
What is acceptable risk?
Covid-19 solution is global. Vaccines and treatments should be made available to EVERYONE free of charge, for obvious reasons. They should not be patented, commercialised, nationalized and politicized by the idiots of this world. We have one world only, the virus doesn’t care about borders, nor does it care ...
Plans to reopen
The Coronavirus spreads mainly through droplets and aerosols at a ratio of 1:1, according to the virologist Christian Drosten, Charité Berlin and one of the main advisers to the German government. Both are being ejected while breathing, speaking or coughing. Droplets are heavy and sink to the floor, hence ...
Monty Hall, Vacant Spaces and Fire & Ice
The double negative under (2) contradicts the previous sentence and is probably not what you want to say. Or do I need another coffee or some English lesson or both?
As far as I remember some 10/15 years ago it became very fashionable to play the 2d or 2h opening for the majors. Nearly everybody played that. Now, there are only very few around who are still playing it. Why? I assume the range in terms of distribution and ...

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