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Nick Anand
Nick Anand
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Feb. 22, 2016
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April 10
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about me

Rec player interested in improving my game.


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Toronto Bridge
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Todd Holes's lead problem: AK763 A7 A72 864
I'm not sure to be honest. But if he has 3, I guess it is better to know if he has the Q.
John Newman's lead problem: AT8 862 J854 Q65
4D, my 4 card unbid suit....
David Sackett's bidding problem: K4 K85 87 K97642
I respond 3C, especially given that negative 3C is on. Given the current version, I'll bid 2NT.
James Huntington's lead problem: AT9653 J KJ54 A6
7NT isn't really an option on a lead problem :)
Louis Glasthal's lead problem: KJ9432 QJ2 2 432
I said 4S...I treat a spade as a given lead here. Partner already knows your count, so which card you card you lead here isn't really for count. Assuming prior agreement, could the lead here show suit preference in a side suit?
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: J62 T5 KQ875 QJ2
I'm bidding 5D at IMPS. But at matchpoints, I want to ask, can 3S clearly be agreed as Western sine it can't be natural given the sequence?
Todd Holes's lead problem: AK763 A7 A72 864
King is for count...
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: KQ86 AQ5 A863 Q8
I'd prefer to say 5NT as pick a slam, but I'm concerned p wouldn't understand, so I'm flying 6NT and living with it.
Alexander Woo's bidding problem: AQT8754 --- 765 A42
2S Playing Meckwell or DONT I usually just try to bid at the 2 level especially with a major. If these were clubs, maybe I bid 3.
Gad Chadha's bidding problem: AKQ 5 AK963 AK72
2C, if partner shows positive hearts, I sign off 3NT, otherwise I plan to rebid 3D naturally and use natural methods to find fit or NT. Nothing special.
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