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Nick Anand
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Feb. 22, 2016
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Jan. 19
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about me

Rec player interested in improving my game.


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Toronto Bridge
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Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç's bidding problem: ATx 98xx QJx AJx
This is a bad situation as I don't have a suit to bid, so I'm downgrading my HCP. I don't really have a better answer. I'm hoping to exit gracefully by bidding
Jim Rasmussen's bidding problem: KQJ832 Q5 43 K64
I think I pass here. I'm really not sure what my QH is worth and p could have only 10 points. If he has anything extra he'll convert, but despite my extra spade, I really don't have values here.
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: KQ5 6532 9 AKT95
We've chosen not to double with a bad heart suit, and I can live with. I'm very confused by p's 3H. I think I have to treat it as a four carder since he didn't overcall, and a good HCP and a hand unsuitable for a ...
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: AQJT5 KQJT6 6 AJ
I bid 3H. OK, I always thought any free bid after your Michaels shows 15+ so I thought bidding 3H freely, after partner's forced call is fairly descriptive of your hand.
Pete Marvin's bidding problem: 8652 K94 QT8 JT9
Pass. I do play garbage stayman when I have a singleton or void in clubs. This hand doesn't call for it.
Andrew Yeckel's bidding problem: A852 532 5 KQT87
2S. I'm assuming no Bergen, otherwise the bid is clear IMHO.
Andrew Yeckel's bidding problem: --- A752 9542 AQ852
Pass, I'm treating the original 2C bid as having been a negative free bid near the top end of the range (which isn't completely wrong, though I probably REDBL). Now, partner has chosen to 3S for his own reasons, I think we need to pass.
Leonard Hall's bidding problem: AT43 73 943 AQJ4
2S. P can assume you only have 4 and therefore it is a good default bid.
Looking for partners who play 2/1 GF
Added you on bbo, will see you around.
Looking for partners who play 2/1 GF
I can play this for sure but have some preferences.... - No 4 card openings in 3rd seat. - After 2C interference, I still prefer systems on with double showing stayman (DBL explicitly denies garbage stayman). -I didn't see puppet over 2N, I'm assuming you play it though. Preferences - Really ...
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