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Paul Friedman
Paul Friedman
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July 28, 2010
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I always play my partner's system; that way it is her/his fault.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Kibitzing O. Jacoby in his last Reisinger session; Guessing a Queen on a 2-way finesse. Last happened 8:39 p.m., 23 June 1986
Bridge Accomplishments
Regular Bridge Partners
Ian Wilson
Member of Bridge Club(s)
St Petersburg, FL
Favorite Tournaments
N.A. Nationals
Favorite Conventions
Blue Team Club; Your convention card.
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Life Master
Your preferred inverted raise style opposite an unbalanced 1!D opening
In a standard (i.e., non-canape) approach, I have never played inverted minor allowing a 4+ major in the raise. I remember lying once with something like xxxx - A - KQJTxxx - A
Stayman over 2NT?
John: Nice explanation. You are, of course, assuming kicked extra points are always made. For those from places where "football" implies games in which the foot actually touches the ball rather frequently, American football touchdowns (think Tries or Goals) are worth 6 points. The scoring team then gets to try ...
The WBL, the EBL, and the ACBL -- Oh, My!
That is awesome, David. What language is being used?
How Would You Play this Low-level Double?
I think the double is take-out. As North, I would assume my partner had 4 and 5. (with 4-4 1 a round earlier would/should have been bid. Another possibility is that South is 5 and 4,, as I would take a 2 bid ...
Double dummy hand from the Common Game
I call this "+16 IMPs; Great play, Pard!"
Can I pass? or not?
As others have written, you can tell by the auction and your hand that partner forgot the agreement. In fact, if you play Ghesthem as most do, you can tell by your hand alone. You are free to do as you want. Partner, on the other hand, has UI from ...
Gavin Wolpert's bidding problem: AKQJ9 Q43 85 T92
1. Even modern Acol treats the 2 rebid as 1RF. 2. Reverse Flannery responses were invented because the 2 rebid is forcing in standard bidding.
Alerting a Stolen Bid
sorry about that. I would edit it, but I like Craig's message too much to destroy the flow.
What is this Double?
If NS are playing Support Doubles of partner's overcall (as opposed to responder's first bid), then it is a Support Double. If they are playing Snapdragon (extended) then it shows 4 or 5 hearts (depending upon their agreement) and diamond tolerance, If they are playing Cuebid Doubles, it ...
Alerting a Stolen Bid
Yes, it should be alerted. Yews, Stolen bids are common in 299er games. It should still be alerted. IMO, the "expected" meaning of this double are Penalty or Takeout. I think any other meaning is alterable. Lots of the 299ers at my club, simply Announce Transfer rather than Alerting. While ...

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