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When your tires are flat
David B "But something has happened that I really don't understand. If RHO does something illegal, first option is that I can accept it if it suits me. Always has been. Always should be. Now they tell me he can correct it before I get a chance. That right ...
When your tires are flat
DB Are you really happy with allowing a substitution after LHO calls? I refer you to: An excerpt from Burn's Laws of Bridge: Law 25 A call once made may not be changed. RF It is the use of bidding boxes that has necessitated that recent (for those of ...
When your tires are flat
As I pointed out above the Laws have prevented a player from accepting an unintended call for at least the last 94 years and probably for over a century. Of course that is not a reason for keeping it that way for ever if there are good reasons to change ...
When your tires are flat
Most times when someone makes an insufficient bid it is intended. He/she pulled out of the bidding box the card he/she intended and only later realised that it was insufficient. Most times when this has happened and I have been directing it is the person who has made ...
When your tires are flat
This is different to the original post where it was stated as a fact that the 1 call was unintended. Now we are in the position where the director has to determine whether it is unintended and that then determines whether we apply Law 25 or Law 27.
When your tires are flat
The original post stated the 1 bid was unintended so Law 25 applies and it will still apply so long as the bidder's partner has not called even if the LHO has subsequently called. Law 25 also makes clear what happens about that subsequent call. As has been ...
The best short mystery story about bridge?
"Murder! Observe the system card, Watson"
Post 15. The Bridge Magazine 1931. Editors -in-Chief Mr. Milton C. Work & Mr. Charles True Adams
I think some doubt must be cast on the assertion that the Knickerbocker Whist Club issued the first Laws of Contract Bridge in the USA. The British Edition of 'Lenz on Bridge', a book on Auction Bridge was published in 1927, although the US copyright is 1926 and the preface ...
Post 13. Feature Showing Bid, Cue Bid, Ace Showing Bid, Asking Bid, Austrian Asking Bid, Directional Asking Bid, DAB.
Firstly on the origins of Contract. George F Hervey in 'The Bridge Player's Bedside Book' (1964) asserts that Sir Hugh Clayton published the laws of a game similar to Contract called SAAC in 'The Times of India' on 15th July 1914. I have not yet been able to verify ...
Vanderbilt Round of 16 Vugraph matches
Lavazza-Schwartz for European interest
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