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How would you rule?
Firstly we need to determine what the North/South agreements are. If the correct explanation is 'no agreement' then there has been misinformation and the TD may award an adjusted score if the non-offending side has been damaged. However there is also unauthorised information as North knows how South has ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Ed. Of course according to George Orwell 'Airstrip One' is part of Oceania not Eurasia
Who's Responsible
If the event is using pre-dealt boards the hand records can be loaded into the bridgemate control program and the bridgemates set to check that the opening lead card is actually in the hand making the opening lead. If it is not the bridgemate does not accept the score and ...
Ivey V Genting (the Supreme Court case in 2017, in England)
This is not a surprise. There is also a BW thread after the appeal. If you read my post there (repeated below for convenience) you will see that Phil Ivey was unlucky. It appears that he was allowed to waste his money on an ...
What should the selectors do?
An even more positive person might mention that they lost in the semi-final by 1 IMP, that the England Women's team regularly make the final of the Venice Cup and that England is one of only 3 countries to win the d'Orsi World Seniors
Who Will Direct the Directors?
As I think you now realise Geoff It is illegal because Law 12C1 says inter alia (b) The Director in awarding an assigned adjusted score should seek to recover as nearly as possible the probable outcome of the board had the infraction not occurred. (c) An assigned adjusted score may ...
First Dupli-Swiss at ACBL club - positives and negatives
Swiss Teams Scorer or EBUScore Swiss Teams have this as one of the options you can select. Only an odd number of teams causes a problem requiring extra bridgemates.
First Dupli-Swiss at ACBL club - positives and negatives
Bud et all. Please take look at the 'Australian' style swiss teams mentioned by Robin Barker above which is now almost universal in England where swiss teams is played using pre-duplicated boards. It really does make the board movement simple.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Steve in both of your last posts you have got the laws wrong. In most of the world the 2007 and 2017 laws were virtually identical in this area mandating the awarding of a fair score which rectified damage and which might be weighted. However the 2007 Laws had an ...
What should the selectors do?
There is a much more recent example than those Richard has mentioned. A pair in the England team which came 4th in the Europeans in Ireland in 2012 was not selected for the Bermuda Bowl in 2013. It is true that there was a late substitution of a pair in ...
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