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Peg Kaplan
Peg Kaplan
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June 17, 2010
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8 hours ago
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about me

Peg Kaplan is the proverbial "jack of all trades; master of none". When not competing at the bridge table, this Grand Life Master promotes the game she loves, with writing, photography, managing bridge websites and coaching.  In "real life," Peg sells real estate in Minnesota, and misses her pet birdies.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making 6NT off 2 aces - and having to play all suits - against the Vanderbilt winners :)
Bridge Accomplishments
Escaping hospitalization from any partners.
Regular Bridge Partners
Bill Kent, Kerry Holloway, Paul Meerschaert, Kurt Schaeffer
Favorite Tournaments
Nebraska Regional
Favorite Conventions
Invitational jump responses, CRASH
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ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
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ACBL plans to end all child care at NABCs?
Randy - why do you keep on mentioning "subsidies"? Those who signed up for child care pay for it. Clearly stated. And as for the issues about "what if an accident happened - lawsuit, etc." - why wasn't this an issue in the previous decades that we've had child care? What ...
ACBL plans to end all child care at NABCs?
Ryerson, IMHO you are entirely missing the point. I have no idea if child care is a great idea, terrible or something else. All I know is that IF you promise something to people, you do not cancel it one week prior to the event. You just do not.
ACBL plans to end all child care at NABCs?
Twenty one years ago the ACBL was offering child care services. (And, perhaps prior to that but we don't have Bulletins going back more years...) How come it was OK for decades - and - not now? Child Care Services Babysitters of Dallas is offering personal child care services during the ...
Zonal Governance Proposals
Phil, I never said anything about geographically based districts nor legacy alignments. (In fact, I don't think that his is a good idea.) I said that we should have a representative for dense, highly populated areas - and for those that are more spread out with much lower populations. A ...
Zonal Governance Proposals
Phil, sorry if I was not clear. I am aware that the BOD doesn't get involved in the specific item I mentioned. I was trying, however, to give one example of how geography and population affects how bridge works in different areas. Do you not see that if a ...
Hawaii NABC Childcare CANCELLED
:) OK; I am blushing, John! Kind thanks.
Zonal Governance Proposals
"We do not have regional issues that require geographical representation" Phil, as mentioned a few minutes ago, I do disagree with this statement. How can we not recognize that an area that is dense and had a population of millions - with far higher numbers of bridge players - doesn't face ...
Zonal Governance Proposals
On the matter of geographical representation, perhaps this would make sense. We could have one board member representing all areas above a certain population and/or geographical density, with another representing those areas where population is less dense and the area is large to vast. I say this because I ...
Upcoming, Challenging NABC's?
I think that the varied comments show personal preferences, many of which are "fixed" in each of us. Impossible to find a set of conditions which will please all of us equally. So - the goal is to attempt to find locations and conditions that will please most a fair amount ...
Hawaii NABC Childcare CANCELLED
How many guesses do I get, Gary? ;)

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