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June 3, 2015
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Lawyer, gambler, monogamist, wolfhound lover

Personal philosophy - clothing optional


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Diego Brenner's bidding problem: Qx A98 A7xx K98x
Opening 2H won this auction. Raising to 3H is not going to win it more.
Light Overcall
"It is when the partner starts hedging due to a possible deviation that the opponents need to be notified of the occasional deviation." This is wrong. Imagine that you choose this bid with a 2533 shape a few times with the same partner and they continue to describe it as ...
Coast Conduct
The behaviour described is atrocious. The suggestion that the culpability of this behaviour is lessened because it is an attempt from a great player to intimidate completely misses the point. The more experienced the player who behaves this way the more culpable the behaviour becomes. It is repulsive for someone ...
James Huntington's bidding problem: 963 K87652 T9 K5
My rule is to open the bidding as the dealer with a 6 card suit. I think that weak 2 bids intended as a single suited pre-emptive choice are a sad compromise compared to opening 3 of a major.
How to bid to right game
I support hearts with my first bid as South. I suppose it might depend on your raise structure but broadly speaking playing 5 card majors is a sacrifice being squandered when you respond 1S. In my view a structure that bothers to cater for your best 5/3 fit is ...
Group think on Bridge Winners
I think Bridgewinners is too USA-centric causing a sameness about the topics, ideas and views you can find on the site. Effectively it becomes akin to an intolerance of different views about bridge and behaviour. I find the moderation of the site poor and unprofessional. The guidelines for posting are ...
It Happened One Day
"Phil, South did not invoke the "tension of the moment" or "human" defense. In the first instance, he denied he said anything." Obviously denying it is a bad response but it is also very human. When people say dumb things and are confronted with them they will routinely double down ...
It Happened One Day
It is utterly clear to any serious bridge player that you can't tell declarer how to play when you are dummy. All I am saying in the quoted part of my reply is that this would be true of South on this hand. To clarify my reply you could ...
It Happened One Day
"In this particular case, I don't think it was a 'one-off' stupid mistake that was just blurted out." This describes the problem with this thread. It is clear that the pair in question have a reputation and that they are being judged with reference to that reputation. Telling declarer ...
Phil Markey's lead problem: KJ K4 Q873 97632
Thanks for playing. King of hearts was chosen at the table and the contract made. Not sure if its cold after king of hearts lead but I am certain it is now hard to beat. Dummy had a 6421 with Qxxx heart and declarer Ax. A combination of a trick ...
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