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Phillip Grothus
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June 21, 2011
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May 16
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United States of America

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Apparently it's OK to psych 2c at online regionals
I have to say that I too 'suffered' from an issue of ethics on a hand in the second session of the Sunday two session regional event. I was in 3NT with the lead of the S9, I inquired about the leads and carding and told standard. As it turned ...
Board phone meeting this morning?
NCAA announces all basketball tournaments, including March Madness, will not allow spectators due to coronavirus outbreak concerns.
Making the Best of a Bad Situation
This is my analysis as well Steve and it appears to me that the early spade ruff is a crucial play in the timing. I also feel that one needs to take the risk of HA onside early lest you runout of hand entries for the last spade pitch on ...
Making the Best of a Bad Situation
Hi Craig, Do you also need to guess the major lengths as well? And would the lead of the HK help if you misguess?
Flawed Multi
As a regular vugraph operator, I see a variety of approaches and can only express that it appears Multi on 5-card suits does in fact give the opponents difficulty. At the past Team trials, Pepsi preempted 2D on Jxxxx of Hearts in first seat nonvul. against the young guns who ...
World Team Championships in China
As a regular USBF and ACBL operator/commentator contributor, I encourage the more the better. It affords all of us the opportunity to see the very best in our game apply their skills, but also demonstrates that even when we do the very best it often falls short due to ...
Defend This Hand with Me
The result at the other table was +110 for a push. (2H making on the lead of a heart)
Defend This Hand with Me
Thank you Marty and I took your suggestion verbatim.
Defend This Hand with Me
the D7 and Craig and thank you about the H position error. I corrected the segment.
The Worst of a Good Day
I'm sorry Frances, I did not understand the question and thank you for clarifying. Yes, you are correct. As stated, without the suggested distributions of the minors the slam cannot be made. The HK does offer those opportunites when the minors are no worse than (34) with the onside ...

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