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June 21, 2011
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July 17
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What are your responses if playing Ogust?
I play it several ways, but I see logic when playing 6-card preempts that the higher you bid the better the suit and therefor the more trick taking value of the hand, i.e. 3H shows good suit, bad hand.
USBF 2018 Team Trials: You Lose Some and You Win Some
win the spade open, low heart to hand, pass the club 8, East is endplayed for two pitches or the eventual one trick and the club setup for the second pitch with two hearts and a diamond for transportation to dummy. So in sum declarer wins 6 H's, 1 ...
USBF 2018 Team Trials: You Lose Some and You Win Some
Gary even with a spade lead 4H doubled is a maker. As for why 3N doubled was pulled, all I can add is that the heart bidder and the opponents complimented dummy on the initial 3N call as thoughtful.
USBF 2018 Team Trials: You Lose Some and You Win Some
Correct Brian, however declarer has the added opportunity of losing one heart and two diamonds by safety playing the diamond return at trick two and in so doiing creating a pitch for his club loser. Obviously it requires trumps to behave. My point though is from defender's perspective, what ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: Q63 AKJ82 AK2 A5
My exact thoughts as well Jim!
Carolyn Robbins Peters RIP
My condolances to the family and heartfelt sympathies to Tom. I know we in Houston will miss her.
Gidwani is ACBL's Next CEO
Congratulations Mr. Gidwani, good luck and best wishes. Your hiring may well prove to be the first thing our Board has gotten right in decades. I do not envy you in having to deal with a Board that consistently has believed that "All animals are equal, but some animals are ...
Open Orlando Discussion <span>Thread</span>
When will the EOC be meeting in Orlando on the Denver issue?
EOC case in Orlando - view from the peanut gallery
When will the EOC be meeting in Orlando on this issue?
Phillip Grothus's bidding problem: x ATx AJx Kxxxxx
exactly, I am wondering just how mainstream the non-forcing treatment has become?

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