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Rammohan Sarangan
Rammohan Sarangan
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Aug. 3, 2016
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May 25
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bridge player

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Your rarest distribution
STU is there any quantitaive breakdown of th is by machine dealt V hand dealt deals? would be very interesting
Should This Be Legal?
HOW do you prove the is entirely possible that the person misclicked.....It is also entirely possible that this was a deliberate misclick...... after THAT headache does the director require or forbid the lead of a diamond either one of which could be advantageous to the misclicking side ...
What is partner showing?
corollary perhaps not corollary what do you&partner bid with 4522 and a good 15+ count......on this hand with the south cards i would pass at MPS and raise to 3 at imps...i do not have a problem with the question i DO have a problem with the ...
Some things you just cant make up
cannot WAIT for NON-owners of labradors & Dachsunds & opponents of ceramic arts to begin suing ACBL.........AS always lawwyers make money...WAY to go ACBL !!!!!!!!!
What is the best percentage play?
best line is michael Haffer's....honesty in advertising i would have led low towards the J and then depending on whether honor popped on my left or not, play appropriately
How I missed to make an unmakeable 6!d slam
GREAT HAND GREAT COMMENTS i am still working out whether east by any magic can make 6nt......i dont think so
A support double auction
perhaps the most critical Q is what is X by the opener (1diamond) If there has been no discussion the default position on 3 clubs is spade length and a game try....what is the partner of 1 diamond doing with axxx x xx kxxxxx or nightmare of nightmares axxx ...
Standard or Upside-Down?
pretty clear the 2HTS is a singleton and knowing any club cards are with east, its imperative that east never lead a club so upside down here wins for the wrong reasons...i do not like "wasting" the diamond 2
NAP in Summer, GNT in Fall
would it be possible to hold the GNP's and the GNT's online ??
The return of the who's to blame series
what is the risk in N bidding 3 spades?
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