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Ray Fink
Ray Fink
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Jan. 28, 2016
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about me

Follows suit: Almost always

Counts to twelve: Almost always

Counts to thirteen: Some of the time

Back to duplicate after a 25-year absence. Small-town club director, retired engineer, active outdoor person.

United States of America

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Karosel 2D
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Silver Life Master
Victoria Hess and Ray Fink
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Rosalee Gardner and Ray Fink
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Randy Gentillon - Ray Fink
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Alex Stille - Ray Fink
2/1 Game Forcing, 3/1 Invitational
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ACBL tourneys on BBO- who is monitoring the ethics?
And note that the trick-by-trick replay is available on BBO (and The Common Game, if TCG hands were used). I have had occasion to review a pair's play for an entire session or two, concluding (in that particular case) that the bizarre choices that turned out well were balanced ...
Is this normal for BBO?
My home club has run 25-30 virtual club games so far, and the longest delay to date was about 3 minutes waiting for players who had fallen offline. Several of us rotate the director duties. We have not had any "restarts". Maybe just an off night, or maybe pilot error?
Impolite to compliment partner?
To follow up on Steve's comment, with some beginner partners "wdp" is sometimes just a compliment for not having revoked. (yes, I know.)
BBO Virtual Regional Results?
Most of the usual names are missing from these regional results. Hmm, working pro players have bills to pay, too. ACBL ran several regionals most weeks in the past, why not a weekly online regional? The virtual club that I run is absolutely awash in players, 3-4x more tables/month ...
Director compensation for virtual private club games
Three small clubs pooled together here. We pay our virtual directors $4/table, games average 8-9 tables (peak of 12 so far). We may revisit this policy in the near future. In real life the three pooled clubs do things differently, ranging from unpaid volunteer playing director to club owner-manager-director ...
director certification for BBO games
Thanks, but I've seen that office, those people work way too hard :)
director certification for BBO games
I was trying to walk the dog a little, hoping to draw a double.
director certification for BBO games
Unsolicited Testimonial. I liked Silvana's comment, but later realized that was an Insufficient Bid. Director, Please! My director ruling is that I may replace it with a Comparable Call without affecting partner's options. Thus my replacement call: If you will be directing a virtual club game, consider it ...
BBO Which interface?
Yes, making the iPad screen vertical does work. One of our players figured that out too, and tested with several local users today. ditto Peter's comment, we've also seen the same issue on a desktop. MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1 using Google Chrome, if it matters.
BBO Which interface?
Several of our players are having problems using iPads in BBO tournaments. In particular, game invitations are appearing without Accept buttons. Sounds like the dialog is too large for the screen real estate. I suspect some client-side setting that player doesn't know about (not tech-savvy users, in these cases ...

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